Jobs, Ads, ‘Money Pags’

Democratic Senate candidate Stephen Pagliuca takes a one-two punch from the Boston Herald on Tuesday morning.

Article one describes Pagliuca’s involvment in a lawsuit brought against him and other board members of Denver-based Coram Health Care. Company shareholders charge that Pagliuca walked away with $2 million after a failed merger that gutted the company.

Article two, Bain Capital’s 2002 take-over of Pittsfield-based KB Toys. The company laid off 450 workers when it collapsed earlier this year.

Add to that the interesting media mix that come with these two stories. Pagliuca calls himself the job-creation candidate. The Herald runs two articles that claim he’s not. The Herald’s Web site, on the same article pages, splashes three bold, blue banner ads proclaiming: “Jobs = Pags.”

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