Evidence Of Misconduct: Meet The Characters

The 20-year-old murder case against Boston Mafia captain Vincent Ferrara is still raising troubling questions of misconduct among prosecutors in the highest levels of the Justice Department. To learn more about a main character in the story, click his name or face below.

Jeffrey Auerhahn
The federal prosecutor
Jeffrey Auerhahn

Joined the war on organized crime in 1985, which, in Boston meant the war against the Mafia. As assistant U.S. attorney, Auerhahn targeted Vincent Ferrara as an up-and-coming Mafia captain and led the prosecution against him.

Auerhahn’s case against Ferrara relied upon a witness, Walter Jordan, to testify that Ferrara had ordered a murder carried out by Jordan’s brother-in-law in 1985. That murder charge was part of a plea bargain that landed Ferrara in prison for 22 years.

In 2003, a judge found that Auerhahn had intentionally withheld the fact that Jordan had recanted his testimony both before and after Ferrara went to prison, saying his brother-in-law had acted on his own.

Auerhahn is now the subject of disciplinary proceedings that could lead to disbarment or the suspension of his license.

    Photos: The Associated Press, David Boeri, WCVB-TV
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