Baker Enlists Help From Brown, Patrick Launches Bus Tour

Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker high fives a supporter at a rally in Foxborough on Saturday. (Dominick Reuter for WBUR)

BOSTON — As the clock slowly runs out on this year’s campaign season, the major gubernatorial candidates have kicked into high gear. With just 48 hours until Election Day, they are crisscrossing the state at a furious pace, taking every last opportunity to reach out to voters and make their cases.

Sen. Scott Brown was stumping for Republican candidate for governor Charlie Baker Saturday, stopping in Foxborough, Worcester and Natick to greet voters.

“Baker’s message was, ‘if you’re happy with the last four years, vote for Deval,’ as he said, ‘or if not, vote for me,’ and that’s pretty much the message he brought across the state,” said WBUR reporter Anthony Brooks, who has been covering the gubernatorial race.

Democratic incumbent Gov. Deval Patrick kicked off his bus tour Friday night in Worcester and traveled to Natick, Newburyport and other cities over the course of the weekend.

Gov. Deval Patrick rallies a canvassing group at a home in Natick on Saturday. (Dominick Reuter for WBUR)

“Overall, Patrick has been going to places where Martha Coakley (attorney general) won in January…the idea being that Democrats want to get a lot more people out now than they did in January,” said WBUR reporter Fred Thys, who has also covered the governor’s race.

Baker is trying to reach out to frustrated voters who are “scared about jobs, scared about the economy,” and independent voters, said Brooks.

Meanwhile, Patrick’s message is that he is the “defender of middle class folks who have lost their jobs,” said Thys.


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  • Ralph Zazula

    I was in Burlington and tried to ask Governor Patrick why he supports Martha Coakley even though she has been a corrupt politician. The crowd was very friendly but the political hacks got a bit rough. How can anyone support Coakley after she refused to prosecute Kieth Winfield for raping a 23 month old baby girl with a hot curling iron?

    How can anyone vote for a Democrat politician that refuses to distance himself from her?

    What if you knew the little girl? How would you vote then?

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