Boston OKs Hard Liquor Drinks At Fenway

BOSTON — An agreement has been reached between the city of Boston and the owners of the Red Sox that will allow hard liquor drinks to be sold at some Fenway Park concession stands.

After touring Fenway Wednesday morning, Mayor Thomas Menino said he’s pleased with the agreement. Initially, the city raised concerns about the plan to sell mixed drinks to Sox fans in the stands.

Menino says the plan limits the drink sales to five locations in the park. Liquor has previously only been available to premium seat-holders.

“They’ve worked out an agreement with the Red Sox, with our licensing board, the Boston police,” Menino said. “We have a plan that works.”

Menino said the plan is “very similar” to the one instituted at the Boston Garden.

The plan won’t be ready for Opening Day on Friday. In fact, it may be a month before all the proper licensing is in effect.

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  • Camileleon

    That is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard! Fueling the fire of jocks in the Fenway! What a way to go Menino – hope you are sued to the helt for wrong death after the first Yankee /Re Sox massacur!

  • Deborah

    I am surprised that this venue has been approved. Haven’t we enough problems with alcohol fueled
    fans with beer?
    D. Way

  • Peteeye

    “Family-friendly Fenway?!!” I don’t think so.


    Menino really dropped the ball on this one. Selling hard liquor at Fenway means it will most surely
    end up in the hands of high school and junior high kids who are at the ball park. This is truly a no brainer. Also it shows you the REAL, Tom “Show me the MONEY” Menino. It’s all about Menino satisfying his Red Sox “pals” John Henry et al . Tom Menino, YOU as Boston”s mayor, are going to be held partly responsible for the death or injury of a teen who gets access to hard liquor or who is led along the sinister path towards alchoholism. Disgraceful. Shame on you.

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