Friendly’s Closes 30 Mass. Stores, Files For Bankruptcy


BOSTON — The western Massachusetts-based restaurant chain Friendly’s has filed for bankruptcy, closing 63 stores abruptly overnight.

Nearly half of the closings were in Massachusetts, including restaurants in Dedham, Quincy, Fitchburg and two in Worcester.

Friendly’s said it will restructure and hopes to emerge from Chapter 11 stronger. Company officials say rising food prices and the weak economy contributed to its financial problems.

– Here’s a list of the Friendly’s locations in Massachusetts that are now closed:

  • Massachusetts Ave. in Acton
  • Pleasant St. in Attleboro
  • Boston Rd. in Billerica
  • Broad St. in Bridgewater
  • Belmont St. in Brockton
  • Austin St. in Charlestown
  • East St. in Chicopee
  • Providence Pike in Dedham
  • John Fitch Plaza in Fitchburg
  • Central St. in Foxboro
  • Federal St in Greenfield
  • Hanover Mall in Hanover
  • Mall at Whitney Field in Leominster
  • Monument Square in Leominster
  • Main St. in Medfield
  • Chestnut St. in Needham
  • Independence Ave. in Quincy
  • Main St. in Southbridge
  • Wilbraham Rd. in Springfield
  • Washington St. in Stoughton
  • Broadway in Taunton
  • Main St. in Ware
  • Cranberry Highway in Wareham
  • West Boylston St. in West Boylston
  • Main St. in West Harwich
  • Westfield St. in West Springfield
  • Turnpike Rd. in Westboro
  • Church St. in Whitinsville
  • Main St. in Worcester
  • Park Ave. in Worcester
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  • Nikki

    I worked for Friendlys in Dedham for the past 16 years and last night they walked in and locked the doors for the last time. No notice!  I have 4 children I feed with my tips. what little I made last night I bought 2 meals…what are we going to do about the third? I dont have a backup job, or anyone to pay my bills. Thanks Friendlys…..that was the cherry on my sundae!  HIGH FIVE!

    • Tom

      Sorry to hear that Nikki. My daughter and I love our monthly trips to Friendly’s, it was her favorite restaurant. Just another example of gross, American-corporate mismanagement. There is truly no empathy directed toward to working & middle class employees. Terrible.  Can we stop deluding ourselves and finally call it what it is?  A RECESSION! Caused by the very same greed and inadequate business practices that brought us to this current fiscal state have no doubt already begun the conflagration with more to follow. Keep your head up.


      • Nikki

        thank you Tom. luckily Im a waitress, so theres a lot of jobs out there, and not to toot my own horn, but after doing it for 30 years (16 of them with Friendlys) im pretty good at it. Thank you and your daughter for coming and keeping me busy!

      • Karl

        Company officials say rising food prices and the weak economy contributed to its financial problems. Don’t pretend you know what you’re talking about Tom.

    • Blcrowley

      Nikki, my daughter and I arrived to have lunch and found the door locked and the TV crew there! We told them about the great service we always got there (with you particularly in mind) and how much we are going to miss the store. We also told them about my MIL that comes RELIGIOUSLY on Sundays with me and my hubby, and how disappointed she will be. Joe and I want to thank you for all the wonderful service you gave. We’re so sorry that you had this happen to you.  Our prayers and best wishes that you find another job quickly!    Love, Barbara C.

      • Nikki

        thank you Barbara for all your years of being one of my “regulars!” i will miss you guys on sunday morning, and your husband harassing me! LOL. I will miss Ann(gela) the most. hopefully where ever I end up, you guys will become regulars for me again.

    • ShawnS.

      Everyone please grow up. Most employees could care less if the company they work for makes $. Maybe if they did, more companies would be profitable. Stop living paycheck to paycheck. Live beneath your means. Because as long as you sign the back of the check instead of the front, you don’t get to make the decisions.

  • Hane

    thanks to dan carver and company over the years who help drag the friendly name down the drain with stupied shit driving his company car and showing off and playing with the girls instead of just doing his job. maybe friendlys could have made some money,

    • Nikki

      although i agree/disagree with this (NOT saying you are wrong) but Dan turned our store completely around and things were getting much better in the Dedham store when Dan took it over.

    • Matt

      Hane you obviously must have worked for Dan Carver at one point and were not pleased with his style, but I worked for Dan years ago and you cannot blame this on Dan. When he was my DM he was one of the few DM’s that would help out when he came into your car. Maybe your just jelous because he gets a company car to drive in, which I must sayyou would want one also driving 200 miles or so a day. Nikki your the best you will find a job quickly.

      • Nikki

        thank you matt. I liked Dan too. I know he was a ladies man, but he put work before play.

    • Abbie

      btw, you are not the only one who thought dan did a shitty job, he got fired yesterday!!

  • Michaelbrown01

    Everyone needs to know the REAL reason Friendly’s went under, when Don Smith and his group took over, he drove Friendly’s into the ground. I was part of that family from 73′ to 89′ and those were great years. When Don Smith took over, he destroyed the culture and started Friendly’s on their death spiral. He wasn’t there at the end, but he did the damage before he left. I’ve been gone for 22 years and i still feel loyalty to the OLD Friendly Ice Cream

  • Itvending

    Just the fact that they closed and DIDN’T HAVE THE DECENCY TO TELL THEIR EMPLOYEE’S will stop me from giving them my business….they can go pound their hamburg !

    • Nikki

      thank you for that. I have a lot of regular customers after the 16 years I was with the Dedham store, and a lot of family and none of them will go to another Friendlys again. 1300 people out of jobs in one night! 

      • B-bear

        Nikki was awesome. Best bananna bread as well. – mr bear.

  • huefiend

    My heart goes out to those who were laid off due to this sudden unfortunance. I had worked at a cafe in the past which folded up in 3 days flat. And those three days alone were our notice. I can empathize with anyone put in this situation and agree with MichaelBrown. After all, this isn’t the first time Friendly’s claimed chapter 11.  There are still Long Island stores open, thankfully. And those are owned by J and B, bought from a previous bankruptcy. The LI stores are an interesting twist of the classic, the menu updated frequently. Hopefully those will stay afloat. Dont categorize them with this situation though. 

  • Dece207

    Maybe they need to offer free WIFI.  And also stop serving lousy food.  I ate at the one in Portsmouth, NH and my chicken was raw.  You just can’t let that happen.  I think they just fell off the radar for too many people.  They offer food that is barely a step up from fast food yet you have to a lot an hour of your time to eat there.  

  • Joe

    food tastes like garbage…. maybe they should just stick with ice cream or re invent their image, and food.

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