Boston Teachers Union Calling For Changes To School Committee

BOSTON — The Boston Teachers Union is calling for changes in the school committee.

According to union President Richard Stutman, school committee members have unanimously approved proposals made by the Menino administration 99 percent of the time since 1994.

The committee has been appointed by the mayor since 1992.

Stutman is calling for a committee made up of both mayoral appointees and elected officials.

“There has to be some sort of change, some independence, some debate,” Stutman said. “Otherwise we conceded that the superintendent is always right on every issue.”

The school committee chair told the Boston Globe that the board is independent and has successfully pushed for changes to Menino administration proposals.

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  • Jshore

    Changes to the BPS “School
    Committee” cannot happen fast enough!   I feel that ALL members should be elected!  The Boston Teachers Union is not being
    aggressive enough, but can they be in this climate of teacher
    demonization.  Boston Public Schools
    are being turned over to outside educational vendors who are fleecing the
    vested teachers and staff who are in direct service to our children!  


    Look at the money that the
    current administration is paying to outside educational vendors to replicated
    services already available from staff at Court Street and staff in our schools,
    that are not in direct service to children!  When the money dries up, these outside educational vendors,
    who are not vested, and whose commitment is only as close as the next check,
    will vanish, and what then will Boston be left with?


    The appointed BPS School Committee
    is a farce; it’s time the residents of Boston bring this center stage and vote
    for an elected school committee.


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