City Blocks New Tent At Occupy Boston

BOSTON — Occupy Boston protesters who brought a large, fire-resistant military tent for their camp have taken it away after the city refused to allow it.

Fire officials and inspectors turned the tent aside Monday during a noontime scene planned by the protesters, who said they wanted to make a point.

“So this was completely on purpose,” said protester David Lenhert, 19, of Framingham. “We knew exactly that this was going to happen. And it was all about just having all the cameras there, all the people there, and showing everybody how ridiculous the city is being.”

The officials said protesters don’t have a permit for the 10-person tent, and repeated that they aren’t allowed to make a permanent camp.

Protesters said they’re trying to address fire safety concerns the city raised in a court hearing last week. The protesters are asking a judge to bar the city from clearing out the camp. The city says it has no immediate plans to do that.

Occupy members clashed with police last week over an attempt to bring an industrial sink to camp.

With reporting by The Associated Press and the WBUR Newsroom

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  • baffled and worried

    What the hell ever happened to freedom of expression?  Aren’t these public places?  Would it be better if they trespassed, camped out in a Brokerage firm lobby or the Mayor’s office? Aren’t they trying to keep it orderly and sanitary?  These aren’t uncivilized degenerates from what I can see, whether I agree with them or not.   Aren’t they being passive (at least until someone tells the cops to get into it).  Menino should be voted out.  HE of all people in charge should “get it” and defend the right to protest.  Nowhere does the constitution say freedom of expression has a time limit on it. 

    Yes there are some who push beyond the boundaries and make trouble, but they are the exception by far.
    If the courts don’t defend the rights of Occupy we are clearly heading into a police state.  Then I believe the real trouble will begin.  Unfortunately, the police are the ones with the sticks, mace, and guns, and most willing to use them.
    I worry that we are in trouble.

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