Benefits Of Hormone Therapy For Menopausal Women Reevaluated

BOSTON — Some experts are rethinking their reluctance about the use of hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women.

Ten years ago, a major study, called the Women’s Health initiative, concluded that the benefits of hormone replacement thereapy were outweighed by risks, such as breast cancer. The findings then led to a drop in the use of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

On Tuesday, a revision of that report came out, and it reassesses the research. Doctor Joann Manson, a principal investigator on the first study and co-author of the update, joins Morning Edition.

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  • Can Ali Gürgüç

    I am sorry to say that HRT was another  exploitation of drug producers.Certainly,some women need hormonal treatment.But,the dose and duration of theraphy depends on the   ilness.HRT does not make a woman more healty,fit,young or good looking.If  uterus is removed surgically,the woman will not have menses but as long as her ovaries are present  she will not be menopausal.Some tests will show us when she enters menopause.About 20 years ago many doctors considered HRT until death.That opinion was not right.But for some reason nobody heard us.I hope that WHI’s results are successful enough to change   this mentality.

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