Taunton Residents Vote Today On Casino

BOSTON — Voters in Taunton are casting ballots on the fate of a proposal by the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe to build a $500 million resort casino.

Hundreds of absentee ballots have already been cast in Taunton; that’s comparable to a presidential election.

Proponents say a casino would provide jobs and millions of dollars to support city services.

Opponents argue quality of life and property values in the city would suffer.

The referendum is nonbinding. However, the mayor says he’ll respect the outcome and withdraw the casino proposal, if voters reject it.

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  • Jpm

    I do not understand why Native Americans should be given different rights than other Americans at this day and age. The atrocities committed against the Native American cultures was shameful, but we need to move on and integrate everyone, not give them their own nation and special rights. There has been prejudice and discrimination against most “outsiders” in our history, with Black and Native Americans being treated the worst, however this is in our past. We need to learn from our mistakes, have such taught in schools, but ultimately move on and stop giving special rights.

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