Report: T Could Get Even More Crowded

A new report by a Boston think tank says increased residential and business growth near MBTA stations could lead to overcrowding on the T in the years ahead.

The Urban Land Institute says T ridership, already at record highs, could grow 20 percent in the next decade, leading to packed trains.

Stephanie Wasser, the executive director at the Urban Land Institute, joined WBUR’s Morning Edition to discuss the report.

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  • adarc

    Anyone who has ridden the green line E train will tell you it already has way too many riders on it to begin with.

    • John Chatterton

       Nothing has changed. When I was commuting from N. Cambridge to Copley Square in the early ’70s, the Green Line cars were completely packed.

  • OrangeLineRider

    “…could lead to overcrowding…”? Overcrowding is already here. It currently takes me 2 – 3 trains to get on an orange line car at Downtown Crossing to get to my commuter rail at North Station during rush hour. I’ve missed my train at North Station more than once thanks to not enough orange line trains and delays due to conductors unable to close the train doors because too many people are trying to fit on. I don’t blame the people or the conductors. When I know this is the only train for the next 10 minutes, what are my options? Crush myself into the train, or miss my commuter rail train? Leave work an extra half hour early, sure, but I already spend 8+ hours at work and 2 1/2 hours (min) commuting every day. I’d like to be home at some point of the day, too.

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