Immigration Change Brings Joy, Caution In Boston

BOSTON — Reaction has been swift to President Obama’s decision to ease immigration enforcement against younger illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. by their parents.

Those who qualify would be able to obtain work permits.

“For me, it was a moment of joy,” said Conrado Santos, a 24-year-old campaign consultant with the Boston-based group Student Immigrant Movement.

He says that while the president’s decision is welcome, it’s important to make sure that it is properly implemented.

“Promises require follow-ups,” he said. “It requires a lot of work from the community, a lot of commitment from the community to make sure that, when things like this come out, that we really see them through the way we’d like them to be.”

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  • http://twitter.com/WeepingSophia Pamela

    June 15, 2012 will go down in history. Traitor Obama declared WAR on AMERICAN U.S. CITIZEN WORKERS. He is done. The ILLEGALS are stupid, if they believe for one second, the American people are going to allow, them to be rewarded for their crimes. Think, again. Remember the Ted Kennedy/John McCain treasonous AMNESTY bill? We the AMERICAN U.S. CITIZENS stopped it. That was right after MILLIONS of arrogant lawless trespassing ILLEGAL MEXICAN ALIENS, marched in our streets waving their Mexican flags in the faces of Americans and our American children. They made their worthless demands, and they got NOTHING. The Dream Act has failed time and time again, just like in December of 2010. Not because of the GOP. It was the CITIZENS, REAL AMERICANS who stopped the treasonous bill from becoming law. We will stop this TREASON. ILLEGALS are leaving. Whatever it takes. However long it takes. This is NOT THEIR COUNTRY. 

    • Dorand

      Jesus I hope you are just trolling.

    • Undocumented&Unafraid

      Haha! About that — we’re not really leaving. We’ll be here, learning and growing and loving America while you play with your caps lock key. Hope your hatred and racism doesn’t consume you, if you let those things you might find yourself one of these days being happy and fulfilled.

    • Bigalex1967Mr. Diaz

      Es increible que una persona como usted en este siglo XXI, piense de esa manera.  Dios la bendiga por siempre.  It is incredible that one person like you at this century thinking of that way.  God bless you forever.  Change you thoughts.  And start to learning Spanish because an American Citizens can not stay behind the progres.  Be wise right now.    

      • Ejewett

        I hope you are having fun mocking the american way of life, enjoy it now cause it is all comming to an end soon. All the food stamps and free rent and health Ins, its all going to end. Its the Illeagals like you that have destroyed this country.And finally realamericans are sick and tired of supporting your stupid, lazy freeloading asses. Take you bastard kids and go back where you came from. I say this as a warning, cause if you don’t leave on your feet, you will sooner or later leave in a bag.  Get out of my country, you free loading POS.

        • Clarisa Smith

          FYI if you havent notice illigal imigrants are the ones that help this country the most…… and also all the legal citizens are the ones that mostly have foodstamps and all that shit so dont start when you cant finish it i bet you maight even be one of those who has it … also every body pays taxes and that is were the goventment takes the money to pay all of this includin your retierment check………………………….. think before you speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Weezergata

      Wow you are retarded.

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