During Roxbury Visit, Romney Criticizes Obama’s ‘Building Business’ Comment

Mitt Romney, left, talks with Rodney Hollis, an employee of Middlesex Truck and Coach, during a campaign stop on Thursday in Roxbury. (AP)

BOSTON — At a campaign stop in Boston, Mitt Romney criticized remarks President Obama made about who builds businesses. Romney stopped by a body shop in Roxbury to criticize Obama for saying, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.”

Romney stood next to the owner of the body shop, Brian Maloney, and said Obama’s remarks reflect his ideology.

“When the president said that ‘If you got a business, you didn’t build it,’ come here and talk to Brian,” Romney said.

Romney took no questions. Among the issues swirling around his campaign are comments by his wife, Ann, to ABC News when she was asked why the Romneys won’t release any more of their tax records.

“We’ve given you people all you need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we live our life,” Ann Romney said.

Mrs. Romney said the couple doesn’t want to release more tax returns because “there are so many things that will be open again for more attack.”

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  • FrancisMcManus

    Dear Anne Romney,  Your dancing horse got a $77,000 tax deduction in one year.  It doesn’t seem right that we’d cut food stamps and housing while giving the wealthiest people in the nation tax deductions for dancing horses.

    What we’re really interested in is the taxes your husband paid or avoiding paying. Most people have to pay well above 13.9% tax rate.  Odd that the richest people pay the lowest rates. Since Mitt would be in a position to overhaul the tax code including loopholes, let’s have a look at say 10 years of IRS tax returns, and Mitt can tell which loopholes he’d keep and which ones he’d close.

    Let’s start with the dancing horse business tax deducation. Should we cut that before we cut food stamps and housing for the poor and homeless?

    By the way, “you people” is no way to address your adoring public.

  • Sanyu Aya

    Interesting.  I think the only people in Roxbury who noticed Romney were employees at Middlesex Truck and Coach. 

  • Jmlorimer

    I agree with Francis.  Granted the horse qualified for the Olympics in dressage, but what future income could the horse generate that would come anywhere near off-setting the tax deductions for the “losses” they are claiming? How does this horse qualify as a business?  Even if the horse wins  a Gold Medal, (which doesn’t involve cash prizes, as far as I know) it’s unlikely that the value of the horse herself, her possible winnings, or sale of her potential  offspring could  justify tens of thousands of dollars of tax write-offs every year.   I don’t get to write off the expenses of keeping MY two horses. The Romneys  are writing off more in deductions in one year for their horse  than I make in a year and a half. Our tax code needs to be re-written, and write-offs for  “hobby businesses” would be a good place to start. At some point the Romneys would have to show a profit for this “business”  and I don’t see that happening any time soon.

  • Nebigfoot

    The owner of the business has said that he hasn’t received any government support but accoring to Channel Four, he has received government backed loans.  I guess that doesn’t count. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFT7UZYYS2GGV7MKJKBLLNJYJY John M

    Obama has been little to late for road infrastructure and federal workers. He says he believes the government should support individualism but then does not support small businesses or individual initiative. I hate to use this example, but these people who are bringing their children at 12:30 in the morning to watch this dark movie, just because they wanted to see it are not good parents. Our society wants the government to bring up their children and when it does not they protest. When they cannot have an abortion they protest; when they cannot get free birth control they protest; when they cannot get food stamps they protest not matter how obese they are; when their children are failing out of school they ask, what are you going to do about it? And, if they don’t get what they want they have enough time and money to sue.

    Our culture has become so reliant upon our government and this is essentially un-American. Our cultural essence is based on people not relying on the government. There are many jobs on Craigslist that people will not take because they make more on welfare and food-stamps. Our “poor” have free food, internet access, education, huge TVs and cell phones. Instead of working, people talk about racism. Politicians do anything because our value system has become a means to the end.

    I will not vote for either Romney or Obama. I will abstain out of protest.

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