Security Expert On Alleged Racial Profiling At Logan

BOSTON — Rep. William Keating is calling for congressional hearings into claims of racial profiling at Logan Airport.

His call comes after a report in The New York Times about more than 30 Transportation Security Administration workers who’ve complained, in writing, that minorities are unfairly targeted for security screening at Logan.

For more, Morning Edition on Tuesday turned to Peter DiDomenica, who has trained airport and mass transit security screeners. During his 22 years with the Massachusetts State Police, he was assigned to Logan after 9/11 as its director of security policy.

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  • Derekeddy

    This whole screening process that is the subject of racial profiling has nothing to do with terrorism. From what has been reported that screeners are looking for people carrying drugs or committing other crimes unrelated to terrorism. The police and law enforcement have been using the threat of terrorism to virtually extend marshal law to anyone traveling. This is a a misuse of police authority and should be stopped. Law enforcement should have to have a warrant to search people unless there is a threat or terrorism.
    Just One Man’s Humble Opinion

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