Brown, Warren Spar Over Federal Tax Policy

BOSTON — Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren is defending herself against charges from Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown that she is, in Brown’s words, a “jobs destroyer.”

Brown told the South Shore Chamber of Commerce Tuesday Warren believes businesses should pay higher taxes. It’s something he says regularly at Chamber of Commerce events around the state, and he gets loud applause for it.

Meeting supporters at a pub in Dorchester, Warren tried to tie Brown to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and his running mate, Paul Ryan.

“So we’re seeing two very different visions for how America goes forward,” Warren said. “Scott Brown, Romney and Ryan believe protect those at the top. Give them the biggest breaks, and it’s all going to work out.”

Brown accuses Warren of wanting to raise taxes by $3.4 trillion over the next 10 years.

Warren says Brown’s claim doesn’t make sense.

But Brown’s campaign did release a list of tax increases it imputes to Warren that do add up to $3.4 trillion over ten years. The largest of these comes from a speech Warren gave at the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce last year, in which she argued that if the $106,800 income cap on Social Security taxes is eliminated, the program could pay for itself in perpetuity.

The Brown campaign points to a report from the Congressional Research Service that calculates that if the cap on income is eliminated, Social Security taxes would raise $1 trillion over the next 10 years.


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  • X-Ray

    Warren’s one solution to every problem is to call for more Federal spending and more Federal control. Maybe someone should make her aware that we are already borrowing one-third of every dollar we are spending. We’re living far beyond out means and even taxing all the “rich” won’t make a dent in our overspending.

    • Dboover

      When the tax on the rich is reinstated, then the one third will disappear. It only started happening after Bush’s wars and tax breaks for the wealthy. Lest you forget, before that, there was a surplus.

      • X-Ray

        The “surplus” evaporated long before the “Bush” tax cuts.

  • Dboover

    If that is how the 3.4 trillion is raised over the next 10 years then “more’s the better”. For heaven’s sake, almost all of us pay this social security tax on All of our income. Why do the richest get this break from paying what the rest of us have gotten used to paying? I think Elizabeth is right. In raising this tax alone, Social Security will be solvent and remain that way in perpetuity. Don’t let Scott mislead you on this one. It really is only fair and the right thing to do for everyone.

  • CL38

    Brown has always tried to play it cool here in Massachusetts….project a nice guy image while continually voting against legislation and policies that help the middle class and poor.   

    The jobs destroyers?  You mean those corporations outsourcing jobs, stashing record earnings overseas to avoid paying taxes….and the Republicans who back them….like Brown??The wealthy SHOULD have their taxes raised….including the cap on Social Security.  Corporations should pay a whole lot more in taxes and face stiff additional taxes for outsourcing.  It’s the fair, right thing to do, Brown.  But you’re far too busy bowing to the wealthy to be concerned about the 300+ million other Americans.

    WBUR, what’s with the tepid coverage and statements in this article.  “Warren tried to tie Brown to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and his running mate, Paul Ryan.”  Warren ‘tried’ to tie Brown????…. HE IS TIED TO THE RIGHT, HOOK LINE AND SINKER. 

    Stop caving in to corrupt Republicans or the public will have absolutely no reason to continue listening!

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