WBUR Poll: Brown Leads Warren By 4 Points

BOSTON — A new WBUR poll (PDFs — topline, crosstabs) finds a turn in the U.S. Senate race. Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Scott Brown now leads his Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren, 47 to 43 percent. The survey of likely voters, conducted Oct. 5-7, has a 4.4 percent margin of error.

In WBUR’s last Senate poll, conducted in September, Warren led brown by two points.

Working Across The Aisle

Click for the poll’s topline results (PDF).

Click for the poll’s topline results (PDF).

Brown has poured beer for customers at Doyle’s Cafe in Jamaica Plain, but the long table near his autographed picture is definitely Elizabeth Warren territory. Amy Trueblood, of West Roxbury, doesn’t buy Brown’s claims of working across the aisle.

“He says he’s bipartisan, but that’s only compared to all the Republicans that are in Congress,” Trueblood said. “Currently, they’re so extreme that any movement away from the far right makes you look like you’re bipartisan, but I don’t see that he’s really going to be as independent as he claims that he is.”

But Trueblood is in the minority. Massachusetts voters cherish their reputation for balancing their support between Democrats and Republicans, and Brown benefits from his record as a candidate willing to vote against his own party.

The latest WBUR poll finds that 60 percent of Brown’s supporters thinks it’s “very important” that the candidate they support “will compromise with the other party more often when in the Senate.” Only 41 percent of Warren supporters think that’s an important consideration.

Trust Issues

Throughout the year, Brown has tried to portray Warren as someone voters can’t trust. It began with questioning her motives for listing herself as Native American in a law school registry. And the WBUR poll finds that this is working to Brown’s advantage with a sizable minority of voters. Thirty-one percent of Brown’s supporters see the issue as “very important.”

In recent weeks, Brown has broadened his attack on Warren’s credibility. He has questioned her role in advising an insurance company defending claims of victims of asbestos contamination. That’s an issue that resonates with Jason Cherson, of West Roxbury.

“I like Scott Brown because I think he’s honest. I think he tells the truth. I think Elizabeth Warren, I think she tells lies,” Cherson said. “I just can’t believe anything that she is talking about as far as being a lawyer, attorney for the asbestos people. She’s an attorney for big business.”

Warren actually helped Travelers Insurance set up a trust fund for victims of asbestos contamination.

Cherson also sees Warren as an outsider.

“She’s only lived here, I think, for two years in the state, and I just don’t believe anything she says,” Cherson said.

Warren has actually lived in Massachusetts for the past 17 years*. But the perception that she is an outsider could work against her among some voters. Thirty percent of Brown supporters say the candidate that “seems more similar to the people” they know is “very important.” But 31 percent of Warren supporters say the same.

Warren’s biggest advantage remains among people who consider which party “will control the U.S. Senate after this election,” Seventy-one percent of Warren supporters say that’s “very important.” But for now, that’s not important enough in most voters’ minds to offset their preference for Scott Brown.

Correction: An earlier version of this online report incorrectly stated that Warren has lived in Massachusetts for seven years. She has lived here for 17 years.

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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/ZG45CWWEBOXWEIMVFBCTIZWASU La Mesa68

    Warren is for big government, nanny state, high taxes and extreme views.  She would only increase gridlock in Congress.  Warren’s “little lies” add up and show her true colors.  Someone who teaches a few classes and makes $230,000 and spends most of her time on the lecture circuit espousing her views is not the type of Rep Massachusetts needs.

  • hughglass

    Lieawatha is one of the most disgusting Senate candidates in a long time. Her faking Native American roots to get lucrative teaching  job (and denying the position to a truly deserving minority) is beneath contempt. And for this liar to say it had nothing to do with her being hired by Harvard is preposterous. Out of the hundreds of law professors working at Ivy league schools,  exactly 2 did not graduate from a top 10 law school. Lieawatha is one of them. Don’t be surprised that Harvard fugures out a way to part company with this bum after she loses the  election…She clearly deceived them, as well. And recent revelations that she practiced law without a license just proves, once again that rules don’t apply to “exceptionally gifted” folks like herself. Quoth Lenora Helmsley….”Laws are for little people”.
    It will also be interesting when we finally learn that her role model, BHO, used a similar stunt to gain access and scholarships to Columbia and Harvard. (Claiming to be a foreign National , Kenyan)

    • J__o__h__n

      Actually Lenora [sic] Helmsley’s quote was, “We don’t pay taxes.  Only the little people pay taxes.”  — Which candidate favors tax cuts for the rich?

  • http://www.facebook.com/chriss.markey Chriss Markey

    she in the made-for-her-job, so she could run for Kennedys-seat; if she REALLY
    cared about banking consumers: she would have fought to lower interest rates
    back to reasonable levels, she would have fought for fair, ‘normal’ language
    account terms, and stopped use 30 page notices printed so small you can’t read
    them. She would have fought to reduce $35 fees for a simple math mistake, and
    capped ATM fees. Banks are making more money than ever and you really think she
    helped the regular consumer.

    first credit card was in the Carter years when inflation was 13%; Massachusetts
    banks still could not charge more than 18%. It was called USURY (like what loan
    sharks do). Be honest; do you really think or even feel like banks have gotten
    better? Do you like that Obama bailed several HUGE banks out with YOUR money? Mortgages
    are hard to get, only 3% get those great loan amounts they advertise, banks
    still make zillions and you pay 29.99% on a credit card, and 14% on a secured
    car loan. CATCH UP.  Elizabeth Warren and
    that made for politics job DID NOTHING FOR YOU.  NOTHING.

    “Mass. Attorney General. “National banks may
    charge all their credit card customers under the interest and late charge laws
    of the bank’s home state, regardless of where their customers live. For
    example, Massachusetts law generally limits credit card annual interest rates
    to 18% and late charge penalties to $10 per payment” … See mass.gov pdf 10047

  • toejangle

    I don’t care what party you are in——If you knowingly vote for a person who has misrepresented themselves every step of the way for personal gain—–it says more about your character than her lack of it !!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QUAYWERJ5BUI4QFICNDDVVZWD4 DefendOurConstitution

      You mean like Brown?  You know the one that demanded that Warren release her client list (as yet another distraction), insisted that his full list was released, and now that Warren’s list is out he says: “never mind, I will not release my list?”

  • RufusVonDufus

    I am not a MA resident but if I were I certainly would never vote for some bimbo like Warren.     She is a complete dirtbag who will lie at the drop of a hat and already has so many times.    I am not crazy about Brown either, but at least you know what you are getting with him–a RINO–which I could live with.    Warren is a complete dingbat college prof (are there any other kinds?).

  • Gary Jones

    Well, if Brown is leading maybe the voters there aren’ as dumb as I thought. What’s the matter–biased against “Indians?”

  • GodProtectAmerica

     She is is a disgusting excuse for a Squaw.

  • MA Jack

    Good to know the MA electorate knows a fraud when they see one. Big Chief Warren shudl go back to Harvard, we have enough of their eggheads in office already.

  • SkinnyGuinea

    Bad news for the faux squaw

  • Bob

    Geez, sad to see so many ignorant sexists and racists posting here.  Another poll just showed Warren leading, so your smugness is perhaps not justified. 

    • John Kerry

      effing liberal and you name calling. your smugness is gross

      • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/63NJL3QUIBN6UXKDU4J7OCGNZ4 james clark

        Don’t insult liberals. They revel in it and want you stoop down to their level. Just enjoy their juicy tears when they loose. 

    • NHMike

       What makes them “ignorant sexists and racists” aside from the fact that they are speaking Truth, which you obviously have a problem with as a liberal?

    • smokeysmoke

      and your outright biggotry, hatred and racism against anyone who does not live in your liberal plantation, shows your incompetance and misunderstanding of the current political debate… im sorry i think abortion is murdering a child… if that is sexest then your a retard… you are like a ignorant biggot telling people that they are haters, casue they do not believe the lies your IGNORANT political leaders like to entertain you with…. you thinking your better than everyone else will not be justified when obama loses, and no one sees it fit to pay for your welfare when your to lazy to provide for yourself… we all know thats why your voting for obama

    • janesoutham

      Um, Bob? That “other poll” was taken before Romney’s debate. That’s an old poll. This was taken from October 5-7.

      Additionally, that “other poll” said that Brown was strengthening and had gained a point since the last poll. It also said that Warren’s unfavorable ratings had gone sky high since the poll before that one.

  • tr99tr

    I actually feel more sorry  for these no-fault-of-their-own brainwashed left-winger neophytes.  They don’t even realize that they are taught to project, that it’s conditioning; it is NOT THEIR poison they are projecting, but someone else’s, someone with major sickness in his head.  They just mouth what they are taught/told — the other side is radical, they’re “extremists”!! — in this age of Obama???  A lifelong committed ultra-left-wing ideologue sitting in the White House (mother, father, grandparents, all associates, friends, supporters, mentors, ALL ultra leftwing ideologues!!  (And  we’re charitable here if we were totally honest and truthful about it!)  The “post-partisan,” “transformational” president who run roughshod over the opposition by declaring “I won,” get over it, and instead of focusing on what the country wanted/needed — focus on jobs and the economy – w/ his oh-so-”moderate” congressional ideologues, he pivoted toward his natural hard-core bent and passed the one of the most controversial, divisive, and consequential, pieces of legislation in any of our lifetimes, thoroughly  on one party coercion and questionable tactics and back-room machinations.   
    Sorry neophytes, sincerely sorry.  You’re the ones who’ve been had.


    Massachusetts you know your a pretty messed up state when a race like this is even close. That woman is as far out there as Joe Biden himself. What are you thinking?

  • http://www.facebook.com/penelope.sanford Penelope Sanford

    Warren is an outsider who has proved to be divisive and dishonest. As a loyal Democrat, I join a majority of people who are asking the state dnc, why was she ever our candidate? No one investigated her? She couldn’t get elected for a local city council.

  • http://www.facebook.com/penelope.sanford Penelope Sanford

    And another thing, what is her political experience? She never talks about her record.

    • janesoutham

      That’s because she doesn’t have a record.

      Have reporters checked her voting record? How frequently did she vote?

  • JMcintee

    I watched both debates ,live in fla but great theater un bias opinion is locked on two major negatives in race. First ms warren lied about ind. heritage. She took someone’s slot when that was done, not fair and plain sneaky, second aim a plumber in fla make a fair wage.if I went to your state and did my trade I would be arrested. She practiced law without a license that is really cheating. Jerry fla

    • http://www.wbur.org/people/fthys Fred Thys


      Warren was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court, and that allowed her to practice before other federal appellate courts.

      • Pythagoras


        The law she was practicing in MA had absolutely nothing to do with federal appellate courts.

        What’s your point here?

        • http://www.wbur.org/people/fthys Fred Thys


          she has only practiced before federal appellate courts.

  • Kalusa

    Come on people!!!!  We’re talking The Kennedy Seat.  It’s like a slap in the face to have a Republican sitting in The Kennedy Seat.  We need someone who will vote democrat on every issue.  Not some “bi-partisan” Republican.  Wake up, folks, and put the Native American in The Kennedy Seat.

    Sarcasm off………………

  • Dana

    I am so excited to be voting FOR Scott.  I live in MA and don’t know of anyone who is voting for Liz.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/63NJL3QUIBN6UXKDU4J7OCGNZ4 james clark

      That’s because the people voting for fauxcahontas are either dead or illegals. 

  • Carl J. Britton, Jr.

    The poll says Brown has retaken the lead — probably a post-presidential-debate boost that will prove as temporary as Romney’s will — but the polls are see-sawing back and forth so dramatically that little faith can be placed in anything but the trend, which has Warren winning the election.

    However, the entire thrust of the article about the poll is to quote no-nothing bar patrons repeating things about Warren that they’ve heard from Brown commercials — followed by a statement from the reporter clarifying that what the bar patron has just said is factually incorrect.  

    So if Brown is gaining ground, he’s doing so by LYING.  

    Bring on the next debate…

    • alien5

      Keep telling yourself that a proffesor who makes 350.000 a yr for teaching 4 hrs a week is looking out for the middle class, or a lawyer who does not have the authority to practice law in this state does it anyway, what flippin planet do you come from
      Must be the Republic of Cambridge. I live in this terrible state and will be getting the hell out as soon as my daughters’ graduate. This is the most left state in the country
      Maybe vermont or Cali beat it . Illegals are running rampant in this state . i know . I work in the dying construction industry that is being swallowed up by union hacks’

      • alien5

        punctuation apologies

      • Carl J. Britton, Jr.

        As it happens, I live in the most conservative part of this state — NOT in Cambridge.

        As for how much money Warren makes, if you looked at the mansion Scott Brown lives in — rather than the vehicle he started driving around in when he decided to run for the Senate — you’d see that he is making plenty of money as well, which shows that they’re both successful, and says absolutely nothing useful about how they’d govern.  The Kennedys were among the richest politicians in the country — AND among the strongest supporters of the working class.

        If you find Massachusetts so repellent that you plan to leave, why do you even care who represents us in the Senate?  And if you do leave, please take as many as possible of the disgusting racists who have been writing most of the comments on this article with you…

    • Guest

       and Carl J Britton Jr would be LYING if he said that less than half of Littleton did his daughter

    • janesoutham

      Um, have you looked at Warren’s statements about what she told Harvard about being a minority? For a solid month in June, she told reporters at the Globe, the Herald and television reporters that she “didn’t know why” Harvard had touted her as a minority when she was there. Turned out she’d been the one to tell them all along!!

      And then she had the nerve to say at the debate that she “misheard the reporters’ questions?” She misheard ALL of them – for a month?


  • City_Of_Champyinz

    My maternal family arrived in Massachusetts in 1624.  Today, not a single member of the family remains in your idiotic, left wing, insane state.  They took all of their businesses they started, and they went to greener pastures that did not vilify them for being successful.  We are never coming back.  The fact that so many of you fools could support an academic fraud like Elizabeth Warren who should be jailed for practicing law without a license speaks volumes about the people who live in your state.

    • J__o__h__n


    • flot

      “Today, not a single member of the family remains in your idiotic, left wing, insane state.”

      Well, that’ll teach us!

  • 2573366

    Take your pick Ma. A RINO or a pathological liar.

    • alien5

      Living in mass , i will go with the rhino

      • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/63NJL3QUIBN6UXKDU4J7OCGNZ4 james clark

        I don’t care if Brown votes straight Democrat every single vote. I’d rather him represent the people than that evil lying fauxcahontas. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QAGBNLQ2RHS4HEQESXCAXCVEI4 Jim Ryan

    You write: “Warren actually helped Travelers Insurance set up a trust fund for victims of asbestos contamination.” Yes, she did media, as a lawyer defending Travelers in the litigation. Please; for someone to glam the system the way she has, I can only imagine what “Pocahontas” Warren will do in Congress.

    • Matt from Ga.

      That’s “Liawatha”.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NZIFEM43OZ4RR2L3IGG7QMCTDA Nomad

    Just another feather in his cap.

  • NotKennedy

    That’s the way it is here. If you’re not from here, you are not from here. Warren is a definite outsider, a carpetbagger and opportunistic predator, like Hillary Rodham.

    • J__o__h__n

      She has been here for 17 years.  That isn’t being a carpetbagger. 

      • janesoutham

        Sure it is. She didn’t even bother to get an MA law license. Everyone else did who teaches at the Harvard Law School

      • NotKennedy

        What is carpetbagging?  What Hillary does?  How long have Uncle O and Auntie Z been here?  Oh, they are immigrants.  Maybe that is what Jokehauntas should be–a Native American seeking asylum from those bad ol’ Sooners.

  • phillysmart

    Thank God that Warren woman looks scary frankly…must be that indian blood..lol

  • NotKennedy

    The Massachusetts Board of Overseers needs to commence disbarment and prosecution for Mrs. Warren’s dereliction of practice. She is an unrepentant and wanton criminal.

    • J__o__h__n

      If she isn’t a licensed lawyer in MA, how could the MA Board of Bar Overseers disbar her? 

      • janesoutham

        Well that spokesperson Frederickson from the MA Board of Bar Overseers saw no problem in PERSONALLY commenting to reporters about n Warren practicing without a license, so why shouldn’t the MA Board look into it?

      • Guest

         the same way J_o_h_n cornholed her

      • NotKennedy

        Good point.  I guess they would have to charge with the felony of practicing without a license!

  • Colburncd

    Elizabeth Warren is a narcissist and a liar . very dangerous combination.

  • Paul

    If Ma elects Warren they are nuts. She is so full of it.

  • Chiefslapaho

    squaw warren in heepen trouble, must go back to tepee and have some peace pipe and fire water. drums say big trouble for squaw warren in next tribal council.

  • Fla1native

    ” lying yellow hair” cannot be trusted

  • John Dodge

    Oh this is terrible! Princess Running Bowels could lose!! Where else can we find a Communist posing as a Native American?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZNAV3ESWOX7RU337UA7EOFSBL4 decmocratsrcommunits

    stupid , ignorant hick warren, the progenitor of “you didn’t build that ” government is getting the beat down she richly deserves

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    She’ll probably try to invoke her make-believe Native American heritage in order to gain some sympathy from the voters…….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002826867571 Dixie Lee

    Wonderful news.  Voters finally wising up.

  • ItsMe_IsThatYou

    UHM…heap big problem for squaw Warren.

  • WBC

    This would be a tremendous win.  Scott Brown is not a real conservative, but he is the best that can be gotten from the misbegotten rabble that is the Massachusetts electorate.  And it would be proof that there is a limit to how much feces can be stuffed down the collective throats of the bluest of blue states.

  • HB

    From “Fauxcahontas” to “Boston LIEgal”. Warren is the liberal hack academic that keeps us laughing! Please, more stories of this lying, rich, opportunist!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1264134361 Butch Blosc

    After her defeat she should donate about 1,000 pro bono hours to the Cherokee Nation for insulting them with her fakery.  Oh, wait, she doesn’t even have a law license, right?

    • janesoutham

      Warren has REFUSED to meet with all of the Native Americans who have asked to meet with her since the scandal broke.

      Yet she had the audacity to claim that the reason she suddenly started listing herself as a minority – at the age of 38- in law job recruiting directories- was so she could meet people like her. But Harvard says she has never attended a single Native American event in the time she’s been there.

    • Michael T Lyster

      Maybe she can weave some reed baskets, or spear fish in a local stream. Just helped my son do a paper on the Mohawks: she could make some floor mats out of corn husks. Or, make some arrowheads out of flint. 
      Y’know, standard traditional things that, no doubt Fauxcahontas did back home, when she grew up. Or not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Madison/100003058734051 James Madison

    He only leads by 4?
    With Warren’s record revealed, I would have thought that Brown’s lead would have been higher.
    Give it time.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CPXFRGZYSHDDJKBTN6Y2U6AXSM Carl

    Quote: “Massachusetts voters cherish their reputation for balancing their support between Democrats and Republicans.”
    Only a socialist squawk box like NPR could ever maintain that MA voters balance their support between parties.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dwight.paul Dwight Paul

      Carl,  I was thinking the exact same thing!  LOL  Balanced support??  HA!

    • J__o__h__n

      How did Weld, Cellucci, and Romney get elected then?

      • ChissM

        Wow. You canNOT be serious. You ARE delirious. Have you no clue about the makeup of your own state legistlature and its history? Go back to 7th grade Civics class (even the ones taught by empty-headed left wing teachers) and check basic facts. Get help if you need it.

    • Edjcbj

      I actually heard NPR refer to Mother Jones as a left LEANING paper.

    • http://www.wbur.org/people/fthys Fred Thys


      we have senators from both parties, and from 1990 to 2002, we elected Republican governors.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_52YZSV7RKU2O6NJI4TKGO67TEE Lee

    Does that include the dead vote?  We know that could make the difference. 

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/63NJL3QUIBN6UXKDU4J7OCGNZ4 james clark

    A vote for Warren is a vote for radial progressive liberalism  We don’t need more progressives in the senate. They are most certainly part of the problem. Fauxcahontas bugs me so much. 

  • Ira Solomon

    Ira Solomon:
    “I like Scott Brown because I think he’s honest. I think he tells the truth. I think about Elizabeth Warren, I think she tells lies”  I voted Scott Brown the last time and I have been happy.

    • janesoutham

      Thank you for your vote, Mr. Solomon!

  • Cambrai

    I find her totally lacking in integrity. Especially about the Native American issue.  It’s despicable. Go Scott!

  • lotta

    Is my old home state of Massachusetts really going to vote in Liz “Sitting Bull’ Warren?   Brown and Mitt will win!!!

    • Steve Keith

      You got out??? Lucky You!  soon to follow if I play my cards right.

  • flot

    Brown’s entire campaign is built around “Warren claimed to be Indian”. His sycophants swarm the internet to spew racist screeds. They must be so proud of themselves.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pete-Lanteri/1693028046 Pete Lanteri


      • flot

          Mea culpa. Apparently I misinterpreted these choice excerpts:



        Liz “Sitting Bull’ Warren

        Maybe she can weave some reed baskets, or spear fish in a local stream.

        UHM…heap big problem for squaw Warren.

        Princess Running Bowels

        “lying yellow hair”

        squaw warren in heepen trouble, must go back to tepee and have some
        peace pipe and fire water. drums say big trouble for squaw warren in
        next tribal council.

        faux squaw

        Big Chief Warren

        She is is a disgusting excuse for a Squaw.

        Big Chief Warren in heap big trouble for speaking with forked tongue.

      • flot
    • Steve Keith

      You are truly a tool, flot – if you actually believe what you spew out, then you know nothing about this race.

    • DaBee

      oohhhh your a racist/nazi … your propaganda doesnt work now

    • FinbarOS

       Warren’s entire academic career is built around a lie. I guess that statement makes me a sycophantic racist in your eyes.

    • kristinaklein

      No thats not true. It is because Warren is a liar and fraud.

    • kristinaklein

      No that is not true about Scott’s campaign. The Truth is Warren is a fraud and liar and people have put down the koolaid…..

    • flot

      Mea culpa. Apparently I misinterpreted these choice excerpts:



      Liz “Sitting Bull’ Warren

      Maybe she can weave some reed baskets, or spear fish in a local stream.

      UHM…heap big problem for squaw Warren.

      Princess Running Bowels

      “lying yellow hair”

      squaw warren in heepen trouble, must go back to tepee and have some peace pipe and fire water. drums say big trouble for squaw warren in next tribal council.

      faux squaw

      Big Chief Warren

      She is is a disgusting excuse for a Squaw.

      Big Chief Warren in heap big trouble for speaking with forked tongue.

  • Bob

    Warren rejects the concept that it is possible for Americans to become wealthy in isolation.
    “You built a factory out there? Good for you,” she says. “But I want to be clear: you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for; you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate; you were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory, and hire someone to protect against this, because of the work the rest of us did.”
    She continues: “Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea? God bless. Keep a big hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.”

    This is the same concept as Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comment. It’s the Socialist mindset of centralized power and control. They fail to reconize that taxes came from that factory to help build those roads and generate wealth in the community.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3XXK7XCF23WKBPPN4ZHU3CR76E Alison

      Defend the country, control the borders, get the F out of the way, govt.

    • newtiffen

      Why doesn’t she ever thank the company for hiring all the employess that pay tax on the checks issued by the company.  Total economic failure…just like every socialist country.

    • durham kid

      Uhmm -no, that is not a socialist comment or mindset.

      It says we need to recognize the support we got from society and if we do not continue to pay our fair share, we are going to lose the very infrstructure that made all your wealth and success possible.

      In other words, by selfishness and greed, we will kill the goose that laid the golden egg(s).

    • durham kid

       PS. Other than calling Warren’s statements “socialist”, do you have ANY response to the content of what she says? 

      Did society NOT build those roads?

      Did society NOT educate those workers?

      Did society NOT pay for the fire and police and military forces?

      Of course they did.

      Give us a real response, Bob, instead of red-baiting!

  • garrance

    Massachusetts voters cherish their reputation for balancing their support between Democrats and Republicans — Really?!?

  • Thereeledeele

    Hmmm. Take your bad medicine man Flyin Fred Thys no say Lyawahtha has no license he write with forked finger.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3XXK7XCF23WKBPPN4ZHU3CR76E Alison

    Watch the warpath! Up to no goodems.

  • newtiffen

    She reminds me of  fraud Ward Churchill in drag. 

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