Body Found In Charles River Identified As Missing Student

BOSTON — A body found Tuesday in the Charles River is that of an architecture graduate student from North Carolina missing for about a week, authorities said.

The Suffolk District Attorney’s office said the remains were identified from dental records as those of Jonathan Dailey, 23, of Charlotte, who had been studying at Boston Architectural College.

Jonathan Dailey (via Facebook)

Jonathan Dailey (via Facebook)

Jake Wark, spokesman for District Attorney Daniel Conley, said Dailey’s death remains under investigation and the cause has not been determined.

“We rule out no possibility and we promise Mr. Dailey’s family a thorough, comprehensive search for the truth as we investigate his death,” he said in a statement.

A law enforcement official briefed on the investigation told The Boston Globe that the person found was bound with chains and weighted down by a cinder block.

The body was seen in the river at about 7:30 a.m. by a Boston University rowing coach who notified police.

Dailey’s roommate and longtime friend Miles Smith, 23, has said he last saw Dailey at their apartment in Boston’s Allston neighborhood on Oct. 2, after Dailey returned from work at an American Apparel clothing store.

Members of Dailey’s family had come to Boston to help search for him.

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  • MA citizen

    So sad.  My prayers are with the Dailey family.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_S65RBEEMYRFYVMJZMRRADQMMAI gardenia

    Obviously a murder.  Chains and weighed down by a cinder block?  Hopefully , the detectives in Boston are working overtime on this case.

    • Sad

       it’s morbid to speculate, and also there’s not near enough info to jump to conclusions, as it also could be suicide.  Either way, there’s no denying it’s a tragedy.

      • Angie

        I would be skeptical to believe it was a suicide for a few reasons. For one, that bridge always has “some” late night traffic.  Its right off Storrow, cabs, people drive and cross that bridge 24/7 its smack in the middle of college central. How could anyone not see some kid, if he attempted suicide, on the edge of the bridge with a cinderblock and not remember. No one seems to have any recollection of seeing a boy walking along a bridge carrying a cinderblock and chains. Odd sight no??? It would have also been a lot for him to carry. Apparently from the address the news reported he lived at with his roommate he walked over 1.5 miles to that bridge with chains and a cinderblock? The parents report he had no money etc on him, he had no car, so he would have had to walk, where did he get the block and chains from? His roommate made no mention they possessed those items. If he left his glasses, liscense etc, everything at his apt, before going out, except they make no mention of the phone, that makes no sense. If he went out at 9:30 at night no books, computer in tow, he’d need his id to get into a bar, even if he didn’t drink, most have bouncers. I’d check his phone records. Where’s his phone? But foul play had to have occurred,  the body was found under the bridge and the Charles reportedly a very little current. If he jumped, or even just fell from the bridge tied to a cinderblock his body would not conveniently fall under the bridge where you see the boats. The current isn’t that strong, but I could be wrong. Especially when the underpass to that bridge is a good 20 feet wide, so he’d have to have moved a good 10-20 feet back under the underpass of the bridge to be found where that boat who pulled him onboard was, as seen in that inappropriate photo published in the Metro. But the underpass is  perfect for any boat to remain hidden while disposing of a body overboard, and would go unseen by any drivers on storrow or memorial drive, or bridge crossers. Also while I know people grieve in all different ways, some are hysterical, some, majorly dissociate, the roommate’s interview with the cameras gave me a weird vibe. He may just be in shock, but he was as cool, calm and unnerved as anyone else. No puffy eyes, no glazed eyes like it was hard for him to talk about his roommate, it was a little odd to me, but I could be totally wrong. He could’ve smoked up for all I know and just numbed himself, but the roommate apparently never heard Dailey leave, or come home, or anything, didn’t see his toothbrush or jacket in the same place as the day before, I mean if they were that close, he’d know. I’d know if my roommate didn’t come home. Food, shoes, toiletries in the same spot, was his door closed. Its just odd, the roommate has nothing to offer, every report, or video of him, he offers only that he didn’t see him around, however, as far as we know, he may have furnished info to the police, but it doesn’t, from the DA’s affirmations, seem like much has it’s been reported, especially when they haven’t indicated they believe it was a murder. Overall it’s just odd. But my heart breaks for that family. I hope they do find answers, they deserve to know what happened to their child. 

  • http://twitter.com/Voicatility Voicatile

    Miles Smith did not think it was strange for Dailey  to be missing since the 2nd?….Did Dailey disappear like this often?….huh. If not…What’s up with Mr. Smith not being worried about his roommate missing for over 48 hours. 

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