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  • kevfriendofbruckfoot

    i know Dwayne thru the handicap friend that he spoke of in the interview with whom he had that first violent altercation resulting in an involuntary manslaughter conviction. prior to that incident i hung out with Dwayne & our mutual friend occasionally. i’ve been to Dwaynes moms apartment. met his sister. he’s been to my parents home & met my family. during those times Dwayne has always been a stand up dude. our mutual handicapped friend & i don’t believe the Dwayne we know is even spiritually capable of this recent massacre. my mom, who only remembers Dwayne from his polite demeanor & respectful manner, struggles to believe it as well. i don’t wanna get into the whole ulterior motive of the commonwealth to secure a conviction in a highly sensationalized case ‘thing’. i’ve experienced it first hand myself being an ex-convict. however…the case that Dwayne is making of innocence is palpable per the person i know of. if he cooperated with investigators when they first interviewed him, allowing them access to DNA, phone records & picture ID for the surviving victim, what evidence do they have that makes him this monster? may God have mercy on his soul if he did commit these murders. if not, i hope he’s exonerated & the real killer(s) be brought to justice. hold ya head, Dwayne. it’s Kev from Thurd Rayle that use to rap with Fill.

    • Doubting Thomas

      The fact that he’s actually concerned about the victim’s family, regardless what happens to him, leads me to believe something doesn’t feel right here.

      More investigation is needed. Until then, prayer. Good luck and God bless.

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