Despite Raising $42M, Warren Says Her Campaign Is In Debt

BOSTON — U.S. Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren raised record amounts in her race against incumbent U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, but apparently it wasn’t enough.

In an email to supporters Wednesday, the Democrat said that her get-out-the-vote effort ended up costing more than her campaign anticipated.

She said her campaign knew it would have to buy a lot more coffee and pizza for volunteers, but so many volunteers showed up that the campaign had to buy even more coffee and pizza at the last minute.

Warren also said so many people called for help getting to the polls that her campaign had to rent dozens more vans.

Her campaign said the debt is less than $400,000 — less than 1 percent of the $42 million Warren raised.

Successful campaigns spend every dime they raise. Sometimes, they spend a little more.

The Warren-Brown race was the most expensive political race in Massachusetts history.

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  • X-Ray

    Warren wants to tell banks on how to run their businesses but is unable to
    keep her own finances in order. Ironic.

  • http://twitter.com/fatatatita fatatatita

    I responded positively to her e-mail yesterday. I think she deserves to start her Senate career debt free.

  • joanne

    Already spending more than they take in. What a fraud.

  • gcrea

    more financial mismanagement…just what we need in Washington.

  • NamePick

    Dear bashers, hate will consume you.

    • X-Ray

      Senators in Washington who don’t know how to control finances will consume
      the U.S. economy.

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