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No Indictment For Trucker In Wellesley Cyclist Death

WELLESLEY, Mass. — A grand jury has declined to indict a truck driver police say struck and killed a cyclist in Wellesley last summer and then drove from the scene.

Police say 51-year-old Dana McCoomb of Wareham was behind the wheel of a truck that struck 41-year-old Alexander Motsenigos on Aug. 24.

Police and prosecutors had sought various charges against McCoomb — who has a lengthy driving record including 19 license suspensions — including motor vehicle homicide.

Authorities announced Monday that the grand jury failed to indict.

A grand jury is not required to explain its decision, but Wellesley Police Chief Terrence Cunningham told The Boston Globe he’s “disappointed.”

A lawyer for McCoomb said he was pleased with the decision.

Motsenigos’ family is going forward with a lawsuit against McCoomb.

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  • eSuzy

    Wow. It would be helpful to get some indication of why they didn’t indict.

  • BI

    “Records released by the Registry of Motor Vehicles show that since 1982, McCoomb has been cited for 26 moving violations, including 11 for speeding and seven surchargeable accidents, including two in the 12 months prior to the fatal crash in Wellesley.” This guy is a menace to society.

  • LWC

    I, too, would like to know why they didn’t indict this truck driver. This was an horrific accident in broad daylight near the center of Wellesley. The photos of the crash are unbelievable – the bicycle was literally broken in two. How can someone with such a terrible driving record be allowed to be on the road at all, never mind driving a truck. It’s unfathomably sad that this amazing young man, father, husband, brother, son, and friend to so many was killed and unfathomably awful that more people are still at risk of being killed due to this driver.

  • zb

    I wonder if this guy is another one of Obama’s uncles here illegally from Kenya?

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