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BU Suspends Frat After N.H. Student’s Death

BOSTON — Boston University has suspended a fraternity after an engineering student from New Hampshire was found unconscious at a party and died.

Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore said Monday that BU officials learned from the national Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity that its local chapter was being suspended because of reports of underage drinking at the off-campus Friday night party.

Elmore said he didn’t have details about the event, apparently a “meet-and-greet” attended by about four dozen people.

Nineteen-year-old Anthony Barksdale II, who graduated from high school in Amherst, N.H., was found unconscious just after midnight and pronounced dead at a hospital about three hours later.

Authorities haven’t determined the cause of his death. The Suffolk District Attorney’s office said an autopsy found no signs of physical violence and toxicology tests are pending.

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  • Guest

    It makes me really sad that it takes a student death to suspend a frat. When I was in college, a student was beaten by his frat brothers and later died. The death was deemed a suicide, and all frats were reviewed and then shut down later that year. It was my Freshman year and the student population was only 2,000 students, so this was extremely visable. It turns out the student was telling the national frat folks about hazing going on at our school, and this is what happened. Everyone was extremely upset at the school, and most of the frat members involved transferred out that year- a few were charged with involuntary manslaughter. Maybe more faculty regulation would be helpful to keep some control over these groups of young people. I know that college kids will always have parties, but it seems like student deaths and hazing issues linked to frats could be reduced. That’s why teams have coaches, other student groups have advisors, etc. Youth leadership is great…but adults are present at Universities for a reason: guidance. Families send their kids to college expecting the best, and this is an absolute tragedy for the student’s family. I hope universities will start stepping in and protecting students.

  • Susan

    I got a chuckle out of the school’s statement that they have met with these frats dozens of times to discuss drinking. Was it the wink-wink nod discussion? We know you are doing it but we will say our spiel and close our eyes unless there is a death and then we are going to go bananas?

    These deans need to be walking the campus and surrounding areas AT NIGHT when the parties are going on, they need to get into the houses and see what is happening. The RA’s need to be reporting drinking issues and suspensions need to happen. Hospitals need to report the quantity of alcohol related issues that happen. And the schools need to be HONEST when reporting these problems.

    Check a facebook page or follow a twitter, these ignorant under age students are proudly professing their indulgences and when the adults that are their so called friends say nothing, they take it as approval. IT MUST END!

    UMass would undoubtedly be shut down permanently if they were to tell the truth about what goes on at their campus.

    This young man’s death is a tragedy and heartbreaking. It was 100% avoidable if the rules that exist were ever followed. His family will be quite successful in a suit against the frat and BU.

    • Steve

      People drink themselves to death all the time whether or not they are underage. There is no real solution. You enact your so called policies and drop out rates will skyrocket. It college not a prison, we do not need adults hovering over us everywhere we go. In fact that is a huge determining factor in going to college, freedom. Condolences to the family for this tragedy, but to go on a witch hunt is just ridiculous.

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