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Mass. Lawmakers To Hear Medical Marijuana Bills

BOSTON — A legislative committee plans to hear several proposals to change Massachusetts’ medical marijuana law as the state prepares for implementation of the voter-approved measures.

Among the bills before the Public Health Committee on Monday is one that would reduce the maximum number of medical marijuana dispensaries allowed in Massachusetts from 35 to 10. Another proposal would prohibit the dispensaries from being located within 1,000 feet of a school, house of worship or civic enter.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is expected to issue final regulations governing medical marijuana later this month.

Massachusetts voters passed a ballot question in November allowing for the use of medicinal marijuana for patients with certain medical conditions, including cancer, Parkinson’s disease and AIDS. Patients would be allowed to receive up to a 60-day supply of marijuana.

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  • Futo Buddy

    the first is against the peoples explicit will, the second is a back door to what martha coakley already shot down which is cities just banning them there as may be no place in a city thats not 1000 feet from any of those places even though i am not sure what a “civic enter” is.

  • Really???

    I believe the legislative proposals are worthy of consideration, particularly with the prohibit the dispensaries from being located within 1,000 feet of a school, house of worship or civic enter. I believe it will be a harmful influence for church-goers and other civic minded folks to see victims of Parkinson disease, cancer and other painful roads to death entering a marijuana dispensary for relief. The on-lookers may actually feel a little compassion and empathy, which is the beginning of a dangerous, slippery slop to drug usage and heroin addiction for those church goers and other civic minded people.

    • Weedbay Guy

      What restrictions are placed on liquor stores and other drug stores? What does the constitution say about making laws at the request of the church? Most dispensary teams are already avoiding schools and day care centers. As far as cutting the number back to 10, I wonder how many of these reps won with a 63% margin?

  • Mandy Curiny

    you gotta be kidding me?? from 35 to 10 dispensaries ??, these lawmakers from Massachusetts want to hijack the will of the people in MA, but their a$$es will be sorry once they discover how Bostonians are and the people in MA in general, their careers will be over and after that they will be in jeopardy, mark my words. Mainly the opponents to this are the ones who have just a few months to finish their term, they think they will have nothing to loose, but they are very wrong!

  • Guest

    I went to the public hearings on this subject, and the vast majority of the presented arguments were for making medical marijuana easier to access, and i did not once hear mention of a church or civic center. Where is this sentiment coming from? Definitely not the PUBLIC hearings!

  • Michael Novas

    “Civic center” is ridiculously vague. Could that imply Copley Square where numerous civil events are held? Will every public building be considered a “civic center”? If that is the case, then no dispensaries will be able to open in Boston. Also reducing the number of dispensaries in Massachusetts to 10 is just going to create monopolistic conditions and the prices will be ridiculously high. 10 dispensaries across the entire state of Massachussets. 10,555/10 = 1,056 square miles per dispensaries. Obviously the dispensaries aren’t going to be dispersed equally (a disproportionate number will probably be in Boston and the surrounding metro area), but a good number of them will probably hold a monopoly on the local market which is never good for the consumer/end user. Very anti-competitive legislation. Yet if I want to open a liquor store, it is relatively easy to get permitted even though the risk of self harm and dependency is far greater than the risks associated with THC – have you ever heard of someone dying from THC or cannabis derived substance alone?

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