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  • arusticat

    So the complaint is about what he didn’t do – not something he did? And what exactly did he fail to do? And what resulted from his inaction?

    I saw press conferences after the bombing where the director of every security organization stepped up for some chest pounding and every union president of every public service organization stepped up for some chest pounding and I was embarrassed. They were slobbering all over themselves.

    The men and women in uniform weren’t there to talk about their heroics – but people who weren’t at the bombing were sure taking a lot of credit.

    They didn’t need to talk about what was done – the press was doing that – and the press was laudatory about the efforts of first-responders already.

    In politics, I’ve heard the expression – don’t let a crisis go wasted. So, after a disaster, you have every politician running to get their picture taken near the scene helping people. The guys I saw at that press conference sure had gotten this message.

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