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Police: Home Invader Fatally Shot By Boston Man

BOSTON — Police say a Boston homeowner shot at two masked men, killing one, when they tried to force their way into his home.

Commissioner William Evans says the person who was shot collapsed and died on the front steps of the home in the city’s Dorchester neighborhood.

The second suspect fled but was caught a short time later. He was armed. He is expected to appear in court later Wednesday.

No names were released.

The homeowner is being questioned but was not immediately charged with a crime. Police are trying to determine if he was legally allowed to carry a firearm and whether the shooting was justified.

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  • Lawrence

    Justified? Of course it was. These two armed men invading a private home deserve what they have coming to them.

    • Kberg95

      Of course it was justified. However, state laws are pretty strict about firearms in the home. Did the homeowner have a FID or Concealed Carry license? If not, that’s a felony all by iteslf. If so, was he carrying the gun on his person, because if he wasn’t, then the gun was not be stored in a locked container or unloaded with a trigger lock and that’s a felony too. Also, just because the shooting was in clear self defense doesn’t mean the “victim” cannot sue the homeowner for firing the weapon and injuring him.

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