Advocates For Gun Owners: State Should Do More To Fight Illegal Gun Trafficking

BOSTON — Advocates for gun owners say the state is not doing enough to fight illegal gun trafficking and other crimes that allow criminals to acquire guns.

In response to recommendations from a state task force to pass stricter guns laws, a new report from the Gun Owners Action League is calling for attaching a state police unit to the attorney general’s office to fight firearms crimes.

“It’s the human criminal element that actually makes a market for illegal guns, commits the crime, steals the illegal guns,” GOAL Executive Director Jim Wallace said. “And until we get those people off the streets, banning the thing or restricting the thing simply will have no effect on crime in Massachusetts.”

The state task force on gun laws made 44 recommendations, including calling for requiring background checks for most private firearms sales.

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  • MA450

    This won’t solve anything. It’s the judges that give the thieves and gangbangers a slap on the wrist and send them back to the street to continue to ply their evil that are the problem. Judges being independent, appointed for life and accountable to nobody . . . plus not enough available jail space . . . this will never happen in MA!

  • LeftShooter

    GOAL’s idea is a valid one. Here’s why: the most recent firearms offenses report of July 2010 commissioned by Gov. Patrick, titled Analysis of MA Firearms Related Offenses, reported that between 2006 and 2008, there were 7,959 individuals arraigned on 26,723 firearms offenses. Of these nearly 27,000, arraignments, 63% were dismissed (48%) or Nol Prossed (not pursued) (15%) while only 15% resulted in a term of commitment or confinement.

    I feel catch and release is a good strategy for sport fishermen, but not for criminals with gun crimes. It has been reported here and elsewhere that many of these “released gun criminals” return to the streets to shoot and kill again. (http://badchemistry.wbur.org/2013/06/14/brockton-violence-drug-lab-defendants )

    Seriously prosecuting these offenders with such a proven history of bad behaviors and poor, dangerous choices is absolutely one way we can actually be safer. Please, for once, let’s actually enforce existing laws and hold the responsible parties responsible for their own behavior.

  • PaulD

    I’m glad to see WBUR report on both sides of the argument.

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