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U.S. Education Chief Heading To Boston For Meetings

BOSTON — The federal education chief is traveling to Massachusetts for a series of meetings on transformation of underperforming schools, career and technical education and teacher preparation programs.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan will visit Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School in the Boston neighborhood of Roxbury on Tuesday. The school is undergoing a dramatic transformation from one of the lowest performing schools in Massachusetts to an excelling school.

On Wednesday, Duncan will visit Worcester Technical High School to discuss career and technical education with educators, community college officials and business leaders.

He will also hold discuss learning and progress at Arthur Coolidge Middle School in Reading before returning to Boston, where he is scheduled to visit Match Charter Public High School for a discussion with educators, state and local leaders on the importance of high quality teacher preparation programs.

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  • jonshore

    Well Arnie Duncan should surly thank the regular ed students from the closed Emerson School that were assigned to Orchard Garden and contributed to Orchard’s test scores and “turnaround!” The Emerson Special Ed and ELL/SEI
    students landed at the King School.

    When visiting MATCH Charter I’m sure he’ll want to ask about MATCH’s 39% 4 year graduation rate, the lowest 4 year graduation rate of all the charter schools in Boston! The Massachusetts Department of Education criteria for AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) is high school graduation in 4 years. DESE understands that there are not only societal costs to grade retention, but long term monetary and emotional costs to the individual if they don’t complete high school in 4 years. Roughly 59% of Boston’s charter school students graduated high school within four years, 10% FEWER than those at traditional public schools, including Boston Public Schools – the number 1 urban school district in the nation!

    If MATCH, with its extended day, extended year, and cherry picked population of students, can’t graduate a kid in 4 years why hasn’t that student been tested for special needs, and given the support services to be able to complete in 4 years like their MATCH school classmates? Maybe Mr. Duncan can explain to me how MATCH Charter is considered “higher performing!”

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