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Feds: Limit Marathon Bombing Suspect’s View Of Victim Photos

BOSTON — Federal prosecutors have asked a judge to limit Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s access to gruesome autopsy photos of the three people killed in the attack.

In court documents filed Monday, prosecutors say Tsarnaev should not be allowed to see autopsy photos that will not be used at his trial. They say allowing the man accused of killing them to see photos of their mutilated bodies “would violate the victims’ rights to dignity and privacy and subject them to needless harm and suffering.”

Prosecutors say they don’t want to restrict Tsarnaev’s lawyers from seeing any photo. But they do want Tsarnaev to be allowed to see only the autopsy photos that will be used at trial.

Miriam Conrad, one of Tsarnaev’s lawyers, declined to comment on the request.

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  • public_servant_watch

    Actually, the public would like to see those pictures too. And the certified death certificates!!

  • J__o__h__n

    I’d actually make him have to look at their images and the images of the victims he maimed by displaying all of them in his cell permanently. He cowardly killed them from a distance with a bomb. Let him rot in jail and have to look at what he did everyday for the rest of his miserable life.

  • Richard Hussong

    I fail to see how autopsy photos can be relevant to the trial at all. If the prosecution introduces them, the purpose will surely be to inflame the emotions of the jury in order to increase the probability that they will convict regardless the facts the case. In this case, that hardly seems necessary; on other cases, it would be reprehensible.

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