12 Protesters Found Guilty Of Trespassing At Pilgrim Nuclear

PLYMOUTH, Mass. — Twelve Cape Cod residents were found guilty Friday in Plymouth District Court for illegally entering the grounds of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant.

The defendants admitted to trespassing at the Plymouth facility, but used the seldom argued necessity defense, declaring they were innocent because they were trying to prevent an imminent public danger.

Diana Turco, co-founder of Cape Downwinders, a group of Cape Cod residents who want the plant shut down, was one of 12 defendants.

“There are cancers caused by the nuclear power plant. There is no assurance of public safety in the evacuation plans. Those are huge issues,” Turco said.

The judge ruled the standards for the necessity defense were not met.

The 12 defendants were found guilty and each was sentenced to a day in jail, or time served.


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  • Maureen Roy

    At least we live in a culture in which a few brave souls still dare to take a stand. Although found guilty of the charges (since they were admittedly trespassing), the sentence was minimal and perfunctory. Based on some other details I’ve heard, the cancer rates may have more to do with storage run-off than plant operation. Rates are high in Hull too, which remains a mystery. Even the governor is concerned about this plant. My grandfather worked on the boilers in the 70s at this and other plants…wish I could channel some insights.

  • ForDemocracy

    The “success” of this trial…with presented evidence of NRC’s obvious interest in protecting profits of Entergy Corp AHEAD OF ITS MANDATE TO ENSURE THE HEALTH & SAFETY OF OUR CITIZENS…expert testimony of Pilgrim’s (top 9 according to the NRC!) WORST RECORD OF SHUTDOWNS & FAILURES, the inadequate venting, unsafe overcrowded spent fuel rod storage (4 times beyond design & more than Fukushima), lack of evacuation plan for 250,000 Cape Cod residents & thousands of potential tourists, the calls from ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES( Gov Patrick, AG Coakley, Sen Markey, State Sen Dan Wolf & Sarah Peake, Brian Manal AND former NRC Chairman Jaszko) , the VOTES OF ALL 15 Cape Cod Towns demanding that the NRC provide safety or SHUT IT DOWN… …plus testimony that the electricity it provides is UNNECESSARY (ISOP report). ALL OF THESE democractically & Constitutionally ensured calls….only become ‘successes’ when the citizens — care enough to become actively ENGAGED in demanding that their safety, health & welfare,,,and that of their grandchildren & future generations…ARE SERIOUSLY RESPONDED TO… BY THE NRC. This trial was important to further raise awareness…BUT Nothing short of THOUSANDS MORE CITIZENS joining the 12 citizens in this trial …actively engaged in voicing & acting & demanding to shut Pilgrim down because of the horrendous threat to public health & safety…will finally end this imminent threat. Remember the saying “Better Active Today Than Radioactive Tomorrow” ? Its truer now than ever….. You can help! Go to CapeDownwinders website & join us!

  • Murph Johnston

    In fact, the claim that our customs and traditions have been rationally designed is little but a pernicious pretense conjured up to undermine the learned practices and moral standards upon which liberty and prosperity depend.

  • ForDemocracy

    Thanks to WBUR for the important service they are performing to alert BOSTONIANS

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