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Proposal Calls For New Strategies On Autism

BOSTON — A bill that would establish a state autism commission and proposes other strategies for addressing the needs of the growing number of children diagnosed with the disorder is expected to come up for a vote in the Massachusetts House of Representatives this week.

The measure unveiled by House leaders on Monday calls for the development of a training program to help school districts and teachers educate students with autism with the goal of keeping as many children as possible in regular classrooms with individualized attention.

The bill would create a permanent state commission to monitor the new programs and make additional recommendations.

“I believe this bill is the next, crucial step to make Massachusetts the leader in caring for residents confronting autism,” House Speaker Robert DeLeo, D-Worcester, said in a statement.

The proposal, tentatively scheduled for debate on Wednesday, would also allow families of children with autism spectrum disorder and other conditions to put money aside in tax-exempt savings accounts to help cover long-term expenses such as education, medical care, housing and job training.

The legislation would also expand eligibility for IQ-based state programs designed for adults with autism.

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  • Lawrence

    Oh I knew it just reading the headline. They want to institute cleaver ways to spot Autism, and hopefully have as many children labeled with it so MA residents can put money aside to pay Big Pharma. Let’s get even more kids on drugs.

    (Less money that would have gone to taxes and more to Big Pharma)

    That’s what they want. Even though studies indicate working with your child with special education and learning modalities specific to the child’s needs are the best treatment.

    • Michael

      Autism is not a condition conducive to treatment with pharmaceuticals. You are thinking of ADHD.

      • Lawrence

        That’s not actually true. When the news broke about a year ago, that Autism is now more prevalent due to more intense screening I realized then that the treatment of choice, ( but not in effectiveness) would be drugs.

        I realized the tests were only to label more kids with this disorder just to provide drugs.

        And Janet Clayson standing in for Tom Ashbrook delved into this topic, and WEBMD has this to say regarding TX:

        MedicinesMedicines. Medicines are most commonly used to treat related conditions and problem behaviors, including depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

        My point: The more kids diagnosed with this “condition” the more Big Pharm will be able to substantiate pushing these drugs on meds.

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