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Gov. Patrick Disappointed By Radio Station Raid

BOSTON — Gov. Deval Patrick said he was “incredibly disappointed” by the raid conducted by U.S. marshals to shut down the unlicensed, underground Dorchester radio station Touch 106.1 FM, an outlet for black community voices in Boston. 

Patrick said his office tried to dissuade the U.S. attorney’s office from taking the action it did to close the station.

“You’d like to think of them bringing more of a problem-solving approach. Touch is a pretty important voice in the community. I’ve been on it many times and I have tremendous respect for the team over there,” Patrick said.

Patrick said “our” attorneys have been in touch with lawyers at the station and his team in Washington, D.C., has reached out to the Federal Communications Commission to try to get the station back on the air

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    So Gov Patrick, let me try to understand. If I break the law and get arrested, will you be “incredibly disappointed” and have your lawyers look into getting me off??? Are YOU really the Gov of Mass? WTF–These people were running an unlicenced radio station. No application was provided to the FCC. No fee paid,no standards met. Why should WBZ-WROR-WJMN or any other station be made to pay these fees and meet broadcast standards while this d-bag just turns on a transmitter on does things on the fly?
    Are you actually the Governor of Mass? Have you made a call to your buddy on Penn Ave yet???? What does he say?

  • kurtguy

    No surprise here, A little Black Favortism as he has shown all along during his reign. If it had been a white boy he would have said nothing.

  • kurtguy

    He’s upset because they were family…..

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