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Mass. Officials: Clean Out Medicine Cabinets

BOSTON — State officials are highlighting a recent surge in opiate overdoses in Massachusetts in urging people to clean out their medicine cabinets this weekend.

This Saturday marks National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day where people can get rid of unused prescription drugs at local police stations and other designated drop-off sites. Several towns in the state have already agreed to participate.

Officials say pills lying around in family medicine cabinets are one of the easiest gateways to drug addiction, specifically heroin. Over the past few months at least 140 have died from heroin overdoses.

Last month Gov. Deval Patrick declared a statewide public health emergency concerning the rising numbers of heroin overdoses and opioid addiction.

Recent data shows that prescription drug overdose is among the leading causes of death in Massachusetts, exceeding motor vehicle accidents and homicides.

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  • cuvtixo

    That last couple of sentences are a bit out of context. How many of those prescription drug overdoses are accidental and/or did not involve opioid medication? How many of those deaths were in medical facilities? Etc.There are different points to be made here.
    If cleaning out medicine cabinets gets rid of loose opioid meds, than that’s a good thing. Equating that with the number of Rx script overdoses is a rather large leap, though.

  • hopy

    “The officials said that the drugs lying around in the medicine cabinet family is one of the easiest gateway to drug addiction, especially heroin. During the past few months at least 140 have died of heroin overdoses.

    Last month Governor Deval Patrick declared a state of emergency public health across the state related to the increasing numbers of heroin and opioid overdose. ”
    a sad reality, and country I live this reality also exists, many people ngheeij cause nuisance problems social, and financial losses.

  • Dev Looshen

    How many Americans will die because of Obama’s lies about Obamacare?

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