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Report: Boston Schools Food Program In Disarray

BOSTON — An external review of the Boston public school system’s food services program has found widespread dysfunction that results in the loss of millions of dollars per year and a hostile work environment.

The review, commissioned by the School Department and completed last month, found the program had lost more than $21 million over the past eight years, even after the department took steps to rein in costs and increase revenue, including raising school lunch prices.

The management problems are so dire that the food program even lacks a system to alert cafeteria cashiers about students with food allergies, potentially putting the students at risk.

Employees described the leadership style of food service administrators as “management by intimidation.”

Interim Superintendent John McDonough told The Boston Globe that the findings are “disturbing.”

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  • On Stage with Mantis

    Does the city aid students with allergies to get/wear alert bracelets?
    This would be common sense. How much did the department spend on the study?
    How much money was lost from students not having money for lunch?
    How much money was lost from expired food waste?
    Do reporters actually know how to report news anymore?

    • Huy

      It would be tough to report on information that’s not available. Unless the BPS makes this information public, reporters wouldn’t know. If you look at the review itself, the information in it is pretty vague and lacking.

      • On Stage with Mantis

        A reporter is supposed to ASK the hard questions, then report the responses or refusal of response.

        • Huy

          I understand, but it depends on the type of reporting right? You have investigative reporting and simple news reporting (passing the information on). I wouldn’t put too much expectations for investigative reporting on a NPR station. They just report what’s happening, which helps keep them unbiased.

  • jefe68

    One more mark against Governor Patrick’s tenure as governor.
    His legacy is starting not to look so good. And I’m not even a Republican…

    The list keeps on growing. Child Protective Services, The State Drug Lab, the complete failure of the MassHealth web site and the state organization that runs it.
    Now this.

    • Lawrence

      Most sad of all is that it’s all avoidable. We do have competent, skilled and educated people to control such abuses. So why do they keep happening?

      Get rid of the corruption, millions given away to wealthy campaign donors, ( W hotel), Assembly SQ Mall, etc.. and our essential social services break down.

  • Bea Pea-Esse

    The BPS Academics Department is also in disarray. In fact, the Council of the Great City Schools visited Boston this winter to audit the department and interview various staff of the Academics department. Admin is sitting on that report. Why? Is it also “disturbing?”

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