If Released, Connolly Could Face New Charges In Mass.

BOSTON — Defense lawyers for the former FBI agent who helped convicted Boston mobster James Whitey Bulger elude arrest for years are trying to get him out of prison now that an appeals court in Florida has overturned his conviction for murder.

But if he’s released, John Connolly could end up facing new charges in Massachusetts. Listen above to a full report from WBUR’s David Boeri.


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  • PersonJ

    Defining truths about this long, unprecedented case likely still remain hidden. Central questions remain unanswered, if not effectively unasked.

    Justice in this case demands uncovering of the full and complete truth.

    The latest development, regardless of one’s opinion about it, focuses public attention back on a seemingly unending case history consistently marked by illusion.

    The principal defendant, now convicted, sentenced, and imprisoned, operated
    with high personal intelligence, rigorous discipline, and uncommon adroitness when it came to strategically, pragmatically utilizing people resources to advance his criminal objectives.

    He also lived a stringently compartmentalized life so that those in one sphere had
    little knowledge of what he was up to in others.

    Despite all that has unfolded – the outstanding and dedicated work of Commonwealth of Massachusetts led law enforcement teams, U. S. District Court
    (Massachusetts) investigatory hearings, U.S. Congressional hearings, the trials and convictions, intrepid journalistic reporting and commentary – gaping, critically defining information lapses in the case history still remain.

    Most prominently, where, ultimately, did the money go – the hundreds of millions in ill gotten funds accrued over more than 30 years? From what source did the approximately $800K found on apprehension originate?

    Is it reasonably possible that answers to these and other questions would reveal the complicity of still veiled background interests? And if so, would this be cause to revise now common assumptions about exclusive or unilateral responsibility for what happened in the case over time?

    Justice for victim families, this community at large, and to demonstrate trusted conduct of our country’s justice system in a case so egregious in nature will not be achieved until all relevant questions have been answered in service to truth and

  • n. connolly

    Great post. Connolly was found not guilty of leaking information that led to the Callahan, Castucci and Halloran murders at his trial in Boston in 2002. Yet he was tried on the same facts in Fla. ( Double Jeopardy?). He was found not guilty of first degree murder and Conspiracy in Fla. He was convicted of a lesser charge but the Statue had expired. His sentence and the almost six year delay in his appeal are clear violations of the Due Process Clause of the Constitution. Connolly and Rico were the two best FBI agents working against the Mafia. They help lock up Patriacha, Anguilo, his brothers, Bione and a host of others.

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