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Tolman, Healey To Compete In AG Primary

WORCESTER, Mass. — Former state Sen. Warren Tolman has won his party’s endorsement for Massachusetts attorney general.

Tolman won 52 percent of the delegate vote to narrowly top Maura Healey, a top aide to current Attorney General Martha Coakley, at the Democratic state convention in Worcester on Saturday.

Both candidates will advance to face each other in the September primary.

Healey is a one-time college basketball player. She said as head of the attorney general’s civil rights division, she helped lead the fight for marriage equality and preserving protest-free buffer zones around abortion clinics.

Tolman promised if elected he would take on the National Rifle Association, noting that as a lawmaker he battled the tobacco industry while fighting for tougher anti-smoking laws.

Coakley is running for the Democratic nomination for governor.

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  • CircusMcGurkus

    Maura Healey rocked this convention! This is her first-ever race and she fell only 160 delegates short of a well known, well liked candidate who has run twice for statewide office, was an elected official for many years and whose brother (also a former elected official) is president of the AFL-CIO. THAT is the story!!

    Maura Healey is the only candidate for AG who has experience in the AG’s office, who has managed staff at the AG’s office, who has built cases from scratch, and who understands not just policy but how that policy translates into litigation in the AG’s office. When she speaks, her experience, dedication, determination, integrity, guts and brilliance shine through and that is what garnered nearly 50% of the delegates.

    The story is not that Warren Tolman got almost 52% of the delegates, the story is that Maura Healey – a complete unknown – got more that 48% of the delegates. Momentum is completely with the Healey campaign! If merit matters at all, Maura Healey will be the next AG for Massachusetts.

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