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Report: Poor MBTA Planning Cost $11M, According To Audit

BOSTON — A state audit has found that the MBTA wasted more than $11 million on three major station renovation projects because it failed to craft more thorough designs and get community input earlier in the planning process.

The state auditor’s report released this week said last-minute changes in the projects for Kenmore, Maverick and Ashmont stations, including extra stairways, larger elevators and a new roof deck, cost much more than if they had been included in the initial plans.

The three station renovations cost a total of almost $147 million.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority officials tell The Boston Globe the agency’s planning processes have changed in the years since those projects began, pointing to more transparency and the significant role now given to community meetings.

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  • Lawrence

    You would think that after 100 years of building, they would get it right.

  • J__o__h__n

    The Kenmore bus station looks like it was expensive. While it looks nice, it isn’t particularly functional, as it doesn’t provide much protection from the elements.

  • J.M. Hardin

    And let’s not forget the “temporary” bus yard catty-corner to the Forrest Hills station. It’s only been “temporary” since before I came to Boston in 1989 and there’s still no budget to even begin building.

  • rich4321

    What is a few million overrun? The MBTA riders are the ATM. All MBTA needs to do is to raise fare, pass the buck to the passengers, what’s the big deal, right?

    What else can one expects? The MBTA is the most dysfunctional and corrupted organization in MA. It in itself needs a total renovation, even better, the MBTA needs a complete demolition and start from the ground up with the 21st century management.
    Purge all the imbeciles starting from the top management. Only a full cleansing can revive the MBTA.

    • Lawrence

      One consultant told me they sit around all day on Facebook, and due to the union can’t be fired.

  • Raz Matazz

    Since liberty’s benefits can be hard to recognize, some people can be easily convinced to attack liberty in response to emotional appeals.

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