Watch, Listen: Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Debate At WBUR

BOSTON — Massachusetts Democratic gubernatorial candidates (from left to right on the video) Donald Berwick, Martha Coakley and Steve Grossman participated in an hourlong debate at WBUR Wednesday morning.

The full debate can be seen below, or heard to the right.


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  • Gerald F.

    I commend Bob Oakes for chairing an excellent discussion and for the relevance of the questions posed. Viewing the discussion on line provided an insight that would not have been apparent through audio alone. That was that Grossman was a time hog, ignoring Oakes’s gestures to conform to time limitations while Coakley and Berwick were respectful of them. Grossman also broke protocol by interrupting Berwick with questions until he finally had to be told by Oakes to let Berwick answer the question. It does appear that Grossman sees Berwick as a threat. Berwick came well prepared and was concise and to the point. Coakley’s answers were good, but somewhat less detailed and specific than were those of Berwick.

    • Vandermeer

      Berwick seems like a nice guy… all platitudes… not ready for primetime

  • Magic Newton

    One of the most dangerous misconceptions of democracy is the notion that future powers should be determined by today’s fleeting majority.

  • Vandermeer

    Go Steve Grossman… he won this debate!