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Boston Woman Freed With No Charges Issued In Pedestrian Deaths

BOSTON — A woman who had faced arraignment in the deaths of two Boston pedestrians has been released without charges as prosecutors say they are doing more investigation.

Jake Wark, spokesman for the Suffolk district attorney, said Tuesday that 26-year-old Ghuzlan Alghazali was released without charges and no complaint was issued against her. She had been scheduled for arraignment on charges including motor vehicle homicide and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

Twenty-eight-year-old John Lanzillotti and 27-year-old Jessica Campbell died Saturday night after police said they were struck by a car that had crashed with another vehicle.

Prosecutors said they are trying to determine who was driving and need to do “further canvassing and evidentiary analysis.”

Alghazali’s lawyer, John Seed, says his client is “grief stricken” over the loss of lives, but that there are “conflicting reports” about what happened.

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  • Bella

    “…driving a vehicle that ran a red light…” Is that like “…held a gun that fired bullets into 2 people” ?

    • mamram

      I’m pretty sure it means her car didn’t directly hit the pedestrians.

    • Lawrence

      Ghuzlan was the driver of a vehicle that ran a red light, hitting another vehicle with enough force that it crashed into the now dead victims.

      Ghuzlan did not even have a valid driver’s license, was reckless and caused this horrible tragedy. It would be interesting to know if she were texting some meaningless message at the time. Either way, her actions caused 2 deaths of innocent passengers.

      • downtown21

        God you don’t even understand the details of this incident you’re blathering about. Ghuzlan didn’t hit any other cars. It was the other way around, it was her car that was hit and rolled over.

        You still can’t shake the fact that all she did was run a red light, which is very common in this city and which nobody ever faces criminal charges for.

  • downtown21

    Maybe if the Boston Police bothered to cite anybody for running a red light BEFORE it ends in tragedy, this wouldn’t have happened. So now we’re singling her out and throwing the book at her? What a pathetic joke. Why does Boston lack the will to get serious about traffic enforcement? We don’t even have a traffic enforcement division at the BPD.

    • Lawrence

      Your concerned that they are “throwing the book at her?” Did you expect less?

      Last I knew the police were keen on citing drivers for offensives like this and they even just launched a new program with unmarked cars to check for drivers that text or use a cell phone.

      • downtown21

        Last you knew, police in Boston are “keen on citing drivers” for running red lights? What the heck are you talking about? I’ve NEVER seen anybody pulled over for it in this city in my life. EVER.

        Did I expect less than throwing the book at the driver? Yes, considering her only actual offense was running a red light, and considering that our city has taught drivers to do that through a tacit approval of the practice by refusing to do anything about it…yeah, I did expect that the driver wouldn’t be facing criminal charges. A traffic citation, maybe. But criminal charges? For doing something that Boston drivers do every single day and which our own police force has chosen to allow?

        Texting or cellphone use isn’t running red lights, not that it matters because even that enforcement program is just temporary. They’ll spend a few weeks aggressively enforcing it, then go right back to ignoring it like every other traffic law that the police don’t feel like enforcing in this city. Until it becomes automatic that any police officer “out on the beat” who witnesses a traffic violation pulls over the motorist and gives them a citation, motorists will always know that they can pretty much do whatever they want and probably get away with it.

        • Lawrence

          You may not have seen anyone pulled over for violating a red light, but how many times have you seen this violation and a cop just ignoring it? In Central Sq, they pull over cars that take a left when it’s prohibited!

          I doubt that if more arrests were made for red light violations in the city, which this women probably would know nothing about, would affect her reckless driving that fateful night.

          Boston drivers don’t cause crashes that kill everyday. Cause an accident that murdered two innocent people? Not to mention the horrendous injuries her actions caused to the car that she actually struck causing it to roll over and strike the innocent sidewalk passengers. The emotional life long pain she caused that driver as well as the grieving families. All for her own lack of responsibility?

          YOUR the one complaining about police not being tough and now you want them to go easy on this person who killed and crashed her car????

          • downtown21

            “how many times have you seen this violation and a cop just ignoring it?”

            All the time, sunshine.

            Sorry, I’m not going to further indulge your desire for an argument about this.

  • AC

    i will wait for the facts, but that this person was driving w/o a license and running lights is nothing new. why obey the law when there’s never any enforcement of it? the selfish behavior is getting worse – and no one does anything?!
    i’ve sat through 7 light cycles in front of S Stn because there are about 20 cars trapped at all time IN the intersection; under a sign that reads ‘Do not block intersection’, i think it is a $1000 fine.
    i called the mayor’s hotline and told them if they need money, they should get someone down here to collect 10′s of 1000′s every 3 minutes…..

    • Lawrence

      Agreed. Running lights, wrecking havoc on the road, obnoxious, selfish drivers are nothing new. I am frustrated as anyone else about the police who are not enforcing the laws.

      But these horrific crashes occur in all parts of the country, as drivers
      become more arrogant and selfish. ( 500,000 crashes and 3,000 killed each year by texting alone!!) You can’t blame that on the Boston Police!

      Nothing changes the fact that the person responsible for this horrible tragedy is the driver herself. We cannot shift blame for who ran that red light and smashed into an innocent car, killing innocent people. She arrogantly defied the rules by driving a car even though she had no license to do so. The rules don’t apply to her? The red lights don’t mean anything to her?

      It was her reckless disregard for the rules. Was she playing with her phone? Was she sending meaningless texts? We don’t know. But what we do know is that she failed to obey that red light. And in the end you cannot blame anyone but the driver for that.

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