Boston Close To Deal With Mohegan Sun

BOSTON — Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says he’s close to inking a deal with Mohegan Sun that would pay the city more than $18 million annually if a casino is built in neighboring Revere.

Walsh says it’s a good deal, considering the Massachusetts Gaming Commission denied East Boston residents a binding vote on a proposed casino development next door in Revere.

Walsh says Boston could have sued, but that’s risky.

“If we lost the lawsuit, the people of East Boston, they would get nothing out of a potential casino in their backyard, and that was concerning to me,” Walsh said.

The money is the highest amount negotiated by any city or town surrounding a proposed casino municipality. But it’s still less than a previous proposal that would have put a casino partly within Boston’s border.

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  • erdevereux

    $18 MILLION? Pothole money – my grandmother could swing a better deal for Boston. Casinos churn that much every day and make that much every week. Boston can do much better for its citizens than getting chump change to attract day trippers who only want to throw their earnings away to enrich casino owners.

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