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Lawmakers Enter Final Days Of Formal Sessions

BOSTON — The Massachusetts Legislature is entering the final days of formal meetings with a number of unfinished items still on the agenda.

The two-year session ends on Thursday. Lawmakers can continue meet informally after that, but only to consider routine or non-controversial measures.

Among bills that are still pending is one calling for sweeping changes in the state’s gun laws. House and Senate negotiators are trying to reach a compromise after the Senate stripped out a House-passed provision that would give police chiefs more discretion in issuing permits to own rifles and shotguns.

Other bills awaiting final action include a proposal to tighten domestic violence laws and a measure to address security around abortion clinics after the in U.S. Supreme Court struck down the state’s previous 35-foot buffer zone.

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  • fun bobby

    I copied this from another poster this morning:
    “Five of my friends applied for an received their LTCs in Worcester. Only two got unrestricted LTCs.

    Two White Men got the unrestricted LTCs, the Black Male, Black Female and White female that applied were issued licenses with restrictions. All had no criminal record and were beyond the age where someone could view you as irresponsible. All married too.

    This system allows discrimination of the worst kind, racism and sexism and they want to extend that to long guns. NO WAY.

    I will take my daughters and move to another state before I would allow them to be subjected to this type of tyranny.”

  • Bar Abbas

    If liberty did not reveal that certain decisions lead to better results than others, then much of the argument for liberty would disappear.

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