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3 Men Found Dead In Worcester Apartment

WORCESTER, Mass. — Residents of a Worcester apartment complex where three men were found dead say they last saw the men alive Friday.

The men’s bodies were found in an apartment Monday by a maintenance worker. Police say their deaths appeared to be related to drug activity. Toxicology tests that are expected to confirm the causes of their deaths may take months.

Police told The Telegram & Gazette that the men were 49, 54 and 55 years old. Their names haven’t been released.

Neighbors say one of the men lived in the apartment where the bodies were found and the other two were friends.

Massachusetts, like other states, has been battling an increase in heroin overdoses and opioid addiction that led Gov. Deval Patrick to declare the epidemic a public health emergency.

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  • kurtguy

    If this was Heroin, BAD !!!, there is a mixture out there that has proven many times to be deadly as compared to the so called usual street purchase. If this is the case and the new lethal stuff is here you will probably start to see more od’s and death’s.
    So once again stupid people put crap in their bodies for a high and pay for it with their life. No Loss !!!!

  • Martha Torres

    You are a dirtbag. One day you will experience a loss that some other ignorant jerk will discount. Every life has value and purpose in this world. No matter how long, short and fulfilled it may be. My uncle was a fun-loving and warm- hearted being. Who are you to judge!

  • fun bobby

    end the prohibition of drugs. These overdoses most often occur when the junkie gets stronger dope than he is used to. this is because its an illicit product and inconsistent. If it was legal it would be perfectly consistent, not cut with random things and they could include clean needles and a help hotline number in the box. not to mention we would not have teenage drug dealers shooting each other over it.

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