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Worcester Issues Warning After Multiple Heroin Deaths

WORCESTER, Mass. — Worcester officials are warning drug users in the city to avoid heroin after at least nine drug overdose deaths since Friday.

The Telegram & Gazette reports public health officials issued an advisory Wednesday that there may be contaminated heroin on the street. People are urged to call 911 if they see a drug overdose.

Police Chief Gary Gemme said heroin is suspected in at least eight deaths. The ninth was discovered Wednesday. He said significant resources are being devoted to finding the deadly drugs.

Three men police believe died from overdoses were found in an apartment Monday.

Authorities say the city is on track for more than 500 drug overdoses this year. Massachusetts and other states have been battling an increase in heroin overdoses and opioid addiction. Gov. Deval Patrick has declared it a public health emergency.

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  • ThrillDr

    You mean you can’t even trust your drug connection? What is this world coming to? Dealers not being honest! I am shocked. How dare they mix in bad stuff and put these poor drug addicts in harms way! Alert the media (done) call the cops (done) Wow. Not like we are losing high productive members of society, I think the thinning of the herd is fine. Callous? yes, but honest too.

    • Mary Sicard

      Maybe because it hasn’t touched your life you can be so callous. I pray for you that you never have to see your child’s life ended in this way. Try to imagine if these “poor drug addicts” as you call them, were one of your family members. Most of these people started out trying to numb the pain of mental illness. It is still a tragedy for those of us that have been affected and left in mourning. Words mean things – and yours are not just callous, but insensative, niave and mean spirited.

      • ThrillDr

        How many of these heroine addicts are mentally ill? Less than what 10%. Most of the heroine addicts are looking for a high.

        Too bad if you don’t like the truth, but the rest of society is sick and tired of supporting druggies.

        • Mary Sicard

          you are clearly ill informed and as I said before, I truely pray that your life is never touched by this heart wrenching situation.

          • ThrillDr

            No, you are clearly misinformed.

            I have been touched and you know what, it only made me more resolute to stop supporting and feeling badly for druggies. You can’t fix this issue with hugs and kisses. Drug addicts make choices, and their choices are all about themselves. We have far too many selfish self serving people in our society that are depleting our reserves. We need to reward those that contribute, not waste it on those bottom feeders.

            BTW it is truly not truley.

  • ThrillDr

    YES IT DOES!!!! How stupid are you? Of course it means they choose to die, each and every time they inject drugs into their body they are playing with and daring death. You can’t play chicken with death that many times and not lose. They lost. And frankly I have ZERO pity for drug addicts. They have choices and they choose, yes choose drugs. Had they never started they would never have to face it. Yes it is a thinning of the herd and drug addicts give nothing to society, they only take, take take, so their loss is nothing to our society.

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