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GOP’s Baker Stockpiling Money In Gov. Race

BOSTON — While the three Democratic candidates for governor have been spending down their campaign accounts as they battle for their party’s primary nod, Republican candidate Charlie Baker has been busy stockpiling money for the November general election.

Charlie BakerAs of mid-August, Baker had nearly $1.2 million left in his campaign account – more than twice as much as the nearest Democrat, Martha Coakley, who had $564,861. She was followed by fellow Democrats Don Berwick with $527,220 and Steve Grossman with $222,384.

Baker overwhelming won his party’s endorsement. His GOP rival, the tea party-affiliated Mark Fisher, reported having just $30,000 in his account as of mid-August.

While Baker has pulled in more than any other candidate, he’s also been spending at a brisk pace – more than $1.4 million since the beginning of the year.

The three Democrats, locked in a do-or-die primary, have been dipping deeper into their campaign coffers. Coakley already has spent more than $1.6 million while Grossman has spent nearly $1.8 million. Berwick has spent nearly $1.2 million.

Whoever wins the Democratic primary will have to quickly replenish their campaign war chest for the 8-week sprint to the general election.

They’ll also have to contend with the boost Baker already is getting from a super PAC that has spent more than $1.4 million supporting his candidacy.

That PAC – the Commonwealth Future Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee – has spent much of its money on television ads designed to strengthen Baker’s support among voters with an eye toward the November election.

By far the biggest donor to the PAC is the Republican Governors Association, which has contributed $1.35 million.

Grossman is also benefiting from a super PAC formed to help his candidacy. The Mass Forward Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee has collected about $475,000. One of the PAC’s biggest donors is Grossman’s mother, Shirley Grossman, who has contributed $100,000.

Under campaign law, neither Baker nor Grossman can coordinate with the super PACs.

Baker’s super PAC advantage could be blunted somewhat in the general election, should he win the GOP primary.

A super PAC backed the Democratic Governors Association and local unions is gearing up to launch ads after the primary to support the Democratic candidate.

The Mass Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee has bought more than $3 million in television time from the primary through Election Day, said Steve Crawford, a spokesman for the PAC.

Baker also is benefiting from the fundraising prowess of his hand-picked running mate, former Shrewsbury state Rep. Karyn Polito.

Although candidates for governor run separately in the primaries, Baker teamed with Polito early. She faces no Republican challengers.

That has allowed Polito to stockpile cash while the three Democratic candidates for lieutenant governor spend down their campaign accounts. Whoever wins the Democratic primary will team with the Democratic gubernatorial nominee to run as a team in November.

As of mid-August, Polito had nearly $580,000 in cash in her campaign account, far more than the three Democratic candidates – Stephen Kerrigan ($133,399), Michael Lake ($67,817) and Leland Cheung ($35,146).

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  • rc2132

    He will need it in order to offset the millions of dollars in free money that his dem opponent will get from having the liberal media in there back pocket

  • Edward Ellis

    I Like Fisher, and I’m traditionally a Democrat.

  • gmeades

    Watched the Democrat Debate on Weds night. Out of the 3 of them, Coakley showed how clueless she was on pretty much every question, Berwick kept repeating he’s not a politician, as if that’s a good thing and then kept promoting absolute socialist ideas such as free housing as a “right” for anyone who’s homeless (they call it “homeless” when the state pays them to live in hotels at “$4,000 per month per family), single payer healthcare as a “right” to solve the healthcare debacle in the state, more gun control restrictions as a “right” for those who oppose others rights to arm and defend themselves, etc.

    of course, Grossman spoke like a politician and mentioned his political connections and his operating in political circles throughout the debate. He also put forth nothing but Socialistic ideas. Basically, anyone who’s working is working to support and pay for everyone who doesn’t.

    All three were for giving licenses to illegal aliens, and for allowing illegal aliens to stay in the state with as many benefits as we can give them, with one of them actually saying “no person is illegal”, whether that’s what they believe or were just saying that because it’s politically correct… nor does it make any difference what the motivation was, they were wrong and all of the illegals are one more aspect of the broken welfare/healthcare/education deficit problem and one that should not remain hidden and have excuses made for it like this.

    Basically, all 3 are bad news, jokers, and fools. We don’t need any of these 3 fools to be steering this state even faster and deeper into the Liberal/Socialistic/Communistic mess that Patrick has already steered us further into. Oh, yes, of course Coakley and Grossman both praised Patrick’s record (which stinks to high heaven), and Berwick was Obama’s choice as head of HHS after Sebelius was allowed to “resign”. As I said, not one of them is worthy of the Governorship of this state, although all 3 of them would fit right in with the Obama administration quite easily.

    Since these 3 openly demonstrate what fools they are pretty much every time they open their mouths (though Berwick does make the most sense as he comes from a “management perspective” – too bad he’s a died in the wool communist), the only real choice we independents have is the Republican, Charlie Baker, who at least makes sense when he speaks and has a vision that doesn’t include robbing every working person to pay for illegals and those who live off of everyone else. Maybe like Walker in Wisconson, Baker might even turn our deficit into a surplus and get us out of the healthcare mess we’re in, if given the chance. Lord knows, neither will happen if any of the 3 fools running for the Democrat nomination ever get in.

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