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Marathon’s One Fund Disburses Another $18.5 Million

BOSTON — The charity set up to help victims of the Boston Marathon bombings has distributed another $18.5 million to the families of those killed and the injured survivors.

With the latest disbursement announced Tuesday, The One Fund has handed out more than $80 million to about 230 people hurt and relatives of the three people killed by the April 15, 2013 explosions at the race’s finish line.

Several days later, alleged bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev allegedly killed MIT police officer Sean Collier, whose family also received a portion of these funds.

In the latest distribution, the families of those killed received an additional $100,000 each for a total of nearly $2.3 million.

The 35 victims who lost limbs or suffered severe limb damage received an additional $150,000 to $1.1 million each.

The nonprofit will also use $1.5 million to establish the One Fund Center at Massachusetts General Hospital to help victims and their families.

Tsarnaev is currently awaiting a federal trial where if convicted he could receive the death penalty.

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  • public_servant_watch

    Who received the money – Leverocks, Roths, McCormacks, Vellas, Wilsons, Marinos, Delanos, D’Angelos, MacIntyres, Records, Lapas, Koerners, Dugans, Volmars, Bird, Abram, Curici, Hamms, Castleman, Cherepanyas, Messiers, Incantalupo? Holy cow you folks need to find cheaper crisis actors!!! Is the money being used to also cover the latest beheading cast?

  • Carol Agate

    How about the people who suffered hearing loss?

    • furtive

      Sue the FBI & DesLauriers. He already got outta dodge in a front company in Michigan.

      It is your traitorous government who caused the secondary injuries,

  • furtive

    The Federal Reserve is printing again, I see….Boston has been played for fools, big time.

    When I see these “amputees” testify in trial without fear of perjury, I will believe that this $$$ has not been extorted.

    FBI has set up this entire criminal enterprise.

    They will continue this gangland behavior until they are disbanded.

    Why didn’t the flags at the finish line burn?

    Why no call for blood donations?

    Wake up before all of our Liberties have been eradicated.

    It all began in Boston, & it appears it has come full cycle 240 years later.

    History has documented that nations are created, flourish & die because of those who are not vigilant.

    It appears the end is nigh.

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