Boston To Make Roadway Changes In 4 Pedestrian Problem Areas

As part of its Vision Zero initiative, Boston is implementing a number of roadway changes in four targeted areas aimed at lowering vehicle speeds and creating safer environments for pedestrians and cyclists.

In Milestone, Scientists Detect Waves In Space-Time As Black Holes Collide

A U.S.-led team says it has seen gravitational waves from two black holes merging together. It's the first time we have directly detected such waves.

Dental Schools To Introduce Training On Opioid Abuse

The governor, who has reached similar agreements with the state's medical schools, continues to take steps on his own to chip away at the opioid problem.

Dr. Paula Johnson Will Be Wellesley College’s First African-American President

Johnson has devoted her career in medicine to furthering research that explores how women respond differently to diseases and treatments than men do.


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