2012 Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize


WBUR and Boston University are pleased to announce this Call for Entries for the 11th annual Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize. The deadline for entries is Sept. 7, 2012.

The Prize is an award of $5,000 given to a rising journalist in public radio for a news story or segment of significance and quality. By sponsoring this award, WBUR hopes to inspire a new generation of journalists to stretch the boundaries of the medium and encourage journalists-in-training to choose public radio as a career path.

We are guided by the vision and example of the late Daniel Schorr, who gave American journalism a lifetime of commitment through his insight, intelligence and integrity. Dan was greatly honored to have this award carry his name. He believed strongly in supporting talented journalists as they rose through the ranks of the broadcast industry — particularly young journalists who have found a calling in public radio.

The recipient of the 2011 Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize was NPR News correspondent and host David Greene, who was among the first Western journalists to reach Tripoli after the uprising against Moammar Gadhafi. His entry, “Voices from Tripoli,” aired during the Arab Spring and was a compilation of reports about foreign workers fleeing the turmoil and Tripoli residents voicing their opposition to Gadhafi.

WBUR has established these guidelines for the Prize:

The work honored contributes to the radio audience’s understanding of a significant issue; shows creativity and initiative; demonstrates state-of-the-art production values; and adheres scrupulously to the highest standards of broadcast journalism, including clarity of expression, accuracy, fairness and seriousness of purpose.

The work may focus on any local, national or international news issue significant to the listening public. It may be in the form of a produced news story, a news feature, a documentary, a series on a single topic or an investigative report.

The journalist awarded the Prize must be 35 years of age or younger as of June 30, 2012.

_ A journalist seeking the Prize may offer only one submission for consideration.
Group applications are not permitted; a single journalist must be principally responsible for the work submitted.

_ Works must have been broadcast in the U.S. OR published online OR produced as a podcast by any CPB-qualified radio station between July 1, 2011, and June 30, 2012.
Each entrant must submit an online Application Form that contains a link to the submission and must send, by mail or fax, a completed Broadcast Certification Form. This form confirms the date of broadcast or digital publication and certifies that the work is substantially that of the nominee. It must be signed by a general manager, program director, news director or web editor of a CPB-qualified radio station, network or program.

_ Journalists may submit their own work. Alternatively, works may be submitted by general managers, program directors, news directors, producers or web editors of CPB-qualified radio stations; personnel supervising news programming at NPR, PRI or other networks providing programming to the public radio system; or independent producers providing programming to the public radio system.

_ No journalist employed by WBUR is eligible for the prize.

_ All entries must be received on or before 3 p.m. EDT on Friday, Sept. 7. A complete entry consists of an online application form, a link to the submitted work and a signed paper copy (sent by mail or fax: 617-353-4747) of the Broadcast Certification form. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Applicants are welcome to share a modest amount of the news coverage generated by the work if the work is felt to have greatly impacted a listening audience—e.g., news photos from a station’s website or program guide.

A panel of judges made up of distinguished journalists will evaluate all Schorr Prize entries. No officer or employee of WBUR is eligible to participate in the panel; judges’ names and affiliations will be posted after Sept. 4, 2012.

View the Application Form and print the Broadcast Certification Form.

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