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Peter O’Dowd is the assistant managing editor for Here & Now. He has a hand in most parts of the show — producing and overseeing segments, reporting stories, and occasionally filling in as host. Peter came to Boston from KJZZ in Phoenix, where as news director he helped establish a news operation with bureaus that spanned much of the U.S.-Mexico border. As an editor and reporter, he’s followed the nation’s housing market and the ongoing debate over immigration reform.

He got his start in broadcasting at Wyoming Public Radio. He’s a graduate of Georgetown and Columbia universities.

Recent stories

Milwaukee And Madison, A Portrait Of Wisconsin Democrats

April 05, 2016
The father and daughter team of David Fawcett and Ariel Haber-Fawcett campaign for Bernie Sanders in Madison. They are at the home of Colleen Hermans, who is leaning toward Hillary Clinton. (Peter O'Dowd/Here & Now)

To win today’s election in Wisconsin, Sanders will need the progressive vote in Madison while Clinton will rely on the minority vote in Milwaukee.

In The GOP’s Birthplace, Wisconsin Republicans Worry About The Future Of Their Party

April 04, 2016
The Little White Schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisc. (Peter O'Dowd/Here & Now)

Peter O’Dowd visits the birthplace of the Republican Party, in Ripon, Wisc., on the eve of that state’s presidential primary.

Oil Slump Slows Drilling In Gulf, 6 Years After Deepwater Horizon

March 14, 2016
Amy Miller is director of the Port of Pensacola, which has seen a bump in its business servicing ships used in offshore oil and gas production. With oil prices low, those ships are finally coming in for repairs and maintenance. (Peter O'Dowd/Here & Now)

Here & Now’s Peter O’Dowd checks in on oil spill research, and looks at how low oil prices are affecting business.

In Rural Nevada Politics, Little Room For The ‘Establishment’

February 22, 2016
Andy Alberti, a resident of Pahrump, Nevada, describes himself as a "libertarian in Republican clothing." He predicts Trump will win Nye County on Tuesday in a landslide. (Peter O'Dowd/Here & Now)

Nevadans who live in “the rurals” are whiter, older and carry a proud brand of anti-establishment politics.

On Las Vegas Strip, Workers Want Candidates To Address Wages, Inequality

February 18, 2016
Miguel Funes is a U.S. citizen from Honduras who works as a food server at the Trump International Hotel for $9.18 an hour. He will be caucusing, but not for his boss. (Peter O'Dowd/Here & Now)

The people who work in casinos and resorts make up a big part of the state’s electorate, and they tend to favor Democrats.

U.S. Schools Attract Chinese Students, Who Pay In Full, As China Fights To Keep Talent

December 25, 2015

Many college students are enjoying the Christmas back at home this holiday, but for some students, home may be too far — especially foreign students.

The List Is Out: Here’s The Top Google Search Of 2015

December 16, 2015
Lamar Odom, then a member of the Los Angeles Clippers, looks on during a game against the Miami Heat on Feb. 8, 2013. Odom is Google’s most searched person of 2015. (Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

A former NBA star was the world’s most popular search, edging out the Paris terrorist attacks and the movie “Jurassic World.”

U.S. Colleges, Hungry For Cash, Turn To Chinese Students Who Pay In Full

December 07, 2015
Yilin Li (Marlon), left, and Yingmei Xia (Serena), right, are freshmen at Boston University. (Peter O'Dowd/Here & Now)

Chinese student enrollment is almost double what it was five years ago – a boon to universities in need of new revenue sources.

San Francisco, Home To A Wild Housing Market

October 28, 2015
Matt Finley, a realtor with Climb Real Estate, specializes in the luxury housing market at One Rincon Hill in downtown San Francisco. (Peter O'Dowd)

The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is nearly $3,500 a month – the most expensive rent in the country.

Chinese Travel Boom A Boon To U.S. Businesses

June 15, 2015
Chinese tourists Zhang Jie and He Anrong pose for a photo on the ferry to Martha's Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts. (Peter O'Dowd)

Last year, about 2 million Chinese tourists traveled to the U.S., a significant hike from 200,000 in 2003.

Parched Rivers, Grasslands Choke California Wildlife

May 27, 2015
The giant kangaroo rat plays a big role in California’s ecosystem. (John Roser/University of California at Berkeley)

Here & Now’s Peter O’Dowd reports there is no relief in sight for California farmers and wildlife ravaged by drought.

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