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Sue McCrory

Former Staff
Editor, Public Radio Kitchen, WBUR

Sue Spinale McCrory, a native of Boston, grew up in an Italian-American family that loves to eat and talk about food. Recipes are handed down through the generations, and everyone cooks. She earned her B.A. from Duke and a Ph.D. from Harvard. Both degrees were in Art History.

While living as a grad student in Rome, Sue steeped herself in the Italians’ foodways and led high-end walking and biking tours throughout Italy. Her experiences there ranged from kneading gnocchi dough and tasting Tuscan honey to learning the basics of viticulture in Sicily and the Veneto.

At WBUR since 2004, Sue doubles as the station’s Internship Coordinator. She lives in Arlington with her husband, a native of Derry, Ireland, and their two children.

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