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Event Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013, 10:30 am

Let’s Talk At Let’s Talk About Food

kitchenconvo3__1367336261_8879Looking for good education and conversation around food, sustainable, farming, nutrition, and cooking? In partnership with Whole Foods and The Boston Globe, WBUR presents Let’s Talk About Food, the region’s largest public food festival, returning to Boston for its third year. On Saturday, the festival takes over Copley Square from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. We’ll be there with the “Kitchen Conversations” booth, a chance to record your memories of food, cooking, or anything that happens in your kitchen. The free festival will also feature talks ranging from allergies to agriculture, school lunches and food science, as well as interactive and kid-friendly exhibits. For more information, visit the event website.

Andrea Shea and Karen Given will be moderating two discussions to kick off the festival:

6:00 p.m. A Town Hall Forum: Can New England Feed Itself?
We talk about local and sustainable. Shop at the farmers markets and buy sustainable seafood. Yet today, much of our food still comes from other regions and countries. What would it really take for New England to feed itself? Is it even possible? What would it mean for our eating habits, the landscape and the local economy? Can our farmland keep up with the population? Sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture with moderator Andrea Shea.

6:00 p.m. Breaking Bread Together: A Conversation on Food, Ethics, and Community
Food is so much more than what we eat. Food is both sustenance and celebration—the way we weave a community together, feeding ourselves and our families, and sustaining our neighbors in need. How do food justice, ethics and faith come together? How do we ensure a sustainable food system that provides enough for everyone? Can we get beyond emergency food solutions? Is genetic engineering of food necessary? And how do faith-based communities play a role? Hosted by Karen Given.
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