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Our Week In The News: July 24, 2015

July 24, 2015
FIFA president Sepp Blatter looks on with fake dollars note flying around him thrown by a protester during a press conference at the football's world body. (Reuters)

You all really, really love to listen to our week in the news segments (that’s great) and we wonder why. Plus: Alex Trebek can’t really sing, in case you were wondering.

Why Was Sandra Bland Arrested?

July 22, 2015
Jeanette Williams places a bouquet of roses at a memorial for Sandra Bland near Prairie View A&M University, Tuesday, July 21, 2015, in Prairie View, Texas. A newly released dashcam video documents how a routine traffic stop escalated into a shouting confrontation between a Texas state trooper and Bland, which led to her arrest. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

The unnerving roadside arrest tapes of Sandra Bland, the Chicago woman pulled over in Texas and later found dead in her jail cell.

Our Week In The Web: July 17, 2015

July 17, 2015
This Tuesday, July 14, 2015 image provided by NASA on Wednesday shows one of Pluto's five moons, Hydra, about 27 miles (43 kilometers) by 20 miles (33 kilometers) wide, made by the New Horizons spacecraft. (NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI via AP)

Can you believe we sent a camera all the way out to Pluto and the only picture they sent back of one of Pluto’s moons was this blurry smudge? Also, we talk about digital authorship.

Harper Lee Friend On ‘Watchman’ Publication: ‘She Wants To Lay It Out There’

July 15, 2015
Harper Lee's new book "Go Set A Watchman" is released in the hometown of "To Kill a Mockingbird" author Harper Lee, in Monroeville, AL, Tuesday, July 14, 2015. (AP)

While the recent publication of Harper Lee’s “long-lost” companion novel, “Go Set A Watchman,” has raised concerns about the author’s involvement, a longtime friend told us Lee was ready for the story to be told.

Our Week In The Web: July 10, 2015

July 10, 2015
A long-lost mule graveyard was recently uncovered near the edge of Interstate 540 West in the Raleigh-Druham, NC, area. (Scott  Mason / WRAL)

Dead mules, #DeadRaccoonTO and your emails, again. (Well, emails are a repeat. Dead animals are new).

Our Week In The Web: July 3, 2015

July 3, 2015
The recently deceased Blosom (pictured here with her owner, Patty Meads-Hanson) was listed as the tallest living cow by Guiness World Records. (CBC / Guiness World Records)

We made a lot of last-minute programming changes these past few weeks, and you stuck around with us through it all. Thanks!

Election 2016: Who Exactly Is Running For President?

June 30, 2015
The first Presidential debates for the 2016 campaign season are set to begin this August, and Twitter / Photoshop legend Darth has been having fun tracking the potential entrants on his account. (Darth / Twitter)

Who is running for President, anyway? We attempt to help you figure it out.

Our Week In The Web: June 19, 2015

June 19, 2015
Two Norwegian women mourn the vandalism of their community puppet theater in Opland, Norway. (Courtesy 
Oppland Arbeiderblad)

Why our broadcast changed in different markets this week, and a closer look at a puppet theatre vandalism in rural Norway. (Really).

Quick Note On Rebroadcasting Today

June 18, 2015
The steeple of Emanuel AME Church rises above the street as a police officer tells a car to move as the area is closed off following Wednesday's shooting, Thursday, June 18, 2015 in Charleston, S.C.  (AP)

A quick note regarding today’s shifting schedule of broadcasts.

How To Follow Team USA At The Women’s World Cup

June 15, 2015
The US Women's National Team will advance out of group play at the 2015 FIFA World Cup in Canada. But what comes after? (Courtesy US Soccer)

Good news! You can watch the 2015 Women’s World Cup on basic broadcast TV. Bad news: we can’t quite predict if the American team is going to make it all the way to the July 5 championship game.

Our Week In The Web: June 12, 2015

June 12, 2015
In this Monday, June 8, 2015 file photo, German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks with U.S. President Barack Obama at Schloss Elmau hotel near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, during the G-7 summit. (AP)

How many tweets is too many, and is President Obama REALLY a bench-bound #manspreader?

Never Fear! Cheryl Strayed Will Be Here!

June 11, 2015
On Point host Tom Ashbrook shares a laugh with author and advice columnist Cheryl Strayed at the 2015 iteration of On Point LIVE at the Paramount Theatre in Boston. (Robin Lubbock / WBUR)

If you’re saying to yourself, “Where’s Cheryl?” this morning, you’re not alone! We explain. (TLDR, the On Point LIVE interview will instead air tomorrow, Friday June 12, at 11 am).

Air Fare Watchdog George Hobica On Direct Ticket Tips

June 10, 2015
This Feb. 11, 2014 file photo shows an airline passenger waiting for his rescheduled flight to Orlando under the departure board showing hundreds of cancellations at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. (AP)

Looking for low-price airfare this summer travel season? So is AirFareWatchDog’s George Hobica. New regulations are making that harder to do.

On Point LIVE: What Do You Want To Ask Cheryl Strayed?

June 8, 2015
Writer -- and WBUR advice podcaster -- Cheryl Strayed. (Photo Joni Kabana)

We’re excited to host Cheryl Strayed for this Wednesday’s On Point LIVE taping in Boston’s Paramount Theatre. We hope to see you there, but even if you can’t make it, you can still participate!

On Point Interns, Summer 2015

June 8, 2015

It’s summer — kind of — which means we have a brand new crop of interns. Meet our new crew!

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