Self-Help Author And Speaker Wayne Dyer Dies At 75

Many of his fans saw Dyer's own life story — he grew up an orphan in Detroit — as proof of the power of his ideas.

Bucking Trend, Ohio Doctor Opens Clinic That Provides Abortion Services

Ohio has put many restrictions on abortion. Since 2010, about half the clinics performing the procedure in the state have closed. But Dr. David Burkons sees offering abortion as part of patient care.

Are Some Of Trump's New York City Buildings A Mirage?

Plenty of buildings still boast Donald Trump's name in Manhattan, where he became famous as a real estate developer. But he doesn't actually own most of them and never has.

Notorious Cocaine Dealers' Release Requests Test New Sentencing Guidelines

A man who helped flood Washington, D.C., with drugs in the 1980s wants to reduce his sentence using guidelines that help drug offenders secure early release. A federal judge doesn't seem convinced.

Brady, Goodell Don't Reach Deal; Judge Will Rule On 'Deflategate'

Also, Jane Rosenberg, the sketch artist whose vision of Brady at his first appearance in federal court sparked a flood of commentary, issued a new sketch of the quarterback.

Pennsylvania Falls Short Of Little League World Series Title, But Not To Fans

The Red Land Little League team of Lewisberry, Pa., had an eight-run lead but lost to a team from Tokyo, 18-11. The combined 29 runs set a record for a championship game.

Thai Police Issue Arrest Warrants For 2 More Bombing Suspects

Over the weekend, police arrested a man whom they have not charged. Police, however, gave themselves the $84,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest.

How Shows Like 'Will & Grace' And 'Black-ish' Can Change Your Brain

Go ahead, use this article to justify binge-watching Orange Is the New Black all weekend.

Kanye Is Running For President And One Other Must-Watch VMA Moment

Perhaps the most controversial moment came when Nicki Minaj took on Miley Cyrus. It'll be the talk of the water cooler today, so you might as well take a look.

Morning Edition

Why Utah Is The Only State Trying To Track And Limit SWAT-Style Tactics

For all the talk of police militarization, no reliable statistics exist on the number of raids by SWAT or other heavily armed tactical teams. There are no federal or state tallies — except in Utah.

Listening Back To Our Conversation With Oliver Sacks

August 31, 2015
Oliver Sacks (Elena Seibert)

Oliver Sacks, celebrated neurologist and best-selling author, has died at 82. We’ll listen back to our remarkable 2013 interview with Oliver Sacks on life and aging.

Adapting ‘The Boys In The Boat’ For Young Adult Readers

August 31, 2015
Daniel James Brown is author of "The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Olympics." (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Daniel James Brown decided to adapt his book after an increasing number of young people told him they loved the story.

‘Year Of The Dunk’ Extends Above The Rim

August 29, 2015

Having beaten cancer and entering into his mid-30s, Asher Price set out on a quest to dunk a basketball for the first time in his life. Price chronicles that year-long journey in his book, “The Year of the Dunk: A Modest Defiance of Gravity.” The author joins Bill Littlefield to discuss his attempt and to share what he learned.

‘Serious Mission’ Kept Market Basket Employees Going During Last Year’s Walkout

August 28, 2015

A year ago today, ousted Market Basket CEO Arthur T. Demoulas was reinstated after a weeks-long employee walkout and customer boycott calling for his return.

The World’s Disappearing Natural Sound

August 28, 2015
Lightning first ignited the Meadow fire on July 20, 2014 in Yosemite. By September 8, the fire had charred 2,582 acres. Bernie Krause has recorded soundscapes of national parks destroyed by large areas of forest fires. Listen below.  (National Park Service)

A legendary natural sound collector shares his recordings. We’ll listen in.

Raising Adults: Is Overparenting Ruining Kids?

August 27, 2015
College students move into dorms. (Kevin Bain/AP)

A former college dean writes that “helicopter parenting” is harming kids and society.

Amy Seek’s ‘Confessions of a Birth Mother’

August 27, 2015
Amy Seek's memoir is "God and Jetfire: Confessions of a Birth Mother"

Open adoption. How one birth mother gave up her child for adoption and stayed in his life.

The Power Of Doors, Gates, Locks And Keys

August 26, 2015
One of the many gates of Harvard Yard (Ik T/Flickr).

Gates, doors, locks and keys are all powerful metaphors for security, according to Daniel Jutte, historian of early modern — and modern — Europe.

‘A Window Opens': Elisabeth Egan’s Amazon Tell All

August 26, 2015

Author Elisabeth Egan’s new novel is a kind of kiss and tell on life inside Amazon. She takes us there.

Gloucester Writer Embarks On Epic Journey To Follow A Tiny Bird And An Ancient Crab

August 24, 2015
Deborah Cramer, author, at Wingersheek Beach in Gloucester, MA, November 13, 2014.

The bird is the red knot, a small shorebird that weighs less than a coffee cup. The ancient crab is the horseshoe crab, a creature that’s lived basically unchanged on this earth for 450 million years.

Nabokov, 'Lolita' And The American Effect

August 24, 2015
Vladimir Nabokov poses in a Buick somewhere outside of Ithaca, New York in 1958. (Carly Maydans - Life / Getty Images)

He brought us “Lolita” and “Pale Fire.” We’ll look at Russian-born author Vladimir Nabokov and how his most famous work was shaped by his time in America.

From MLB To Homeless: J.R. Richard Tells His Story In ‘Still Throwing Heat’

August 22, 2015
Still Throwing Heat COVER

J.R. Richard was a star pitcher for the Houston Astros in the ’70s, but his life changed forever when he suffered a stroke in 1980. He never pitched in MLB again and ended up living under bridge. In his new book “Still Throwing Heat,” Richard tells his story of overcoming homelessness.

Author: Russia Published Books I Didn’t Write

August 21, 2015
Edward Lucas is a senior editor at The Economist and the author of several books about Russia. (

A publishing house in Moscow has published two books that Edward Lucas didn’t write under his name. And he’s not alone.

Jabari Asim’s Fictional Study Of A ’70s Midwestern City That Resonates Today

August 20, 2015
Police stand Thursday near the scene of an officer-involved shooting Wednesday night in St. Louis. (Jeff Roberson/AP)

“Only the Strong” takes place in a fictional Midwestern location — Gateway City. It could be St. Louis, where Jabari Asim grew up.

Author: Helicopter Parenting Damages Kids – And Society

August 18, 2015
Duval McDaniel from Katy, Texas, helps his daughter, Darby, a then Ole Miss freshman, move into Stockard-Martin Hall on the Oxford campus of The University of Mississippi in this Aug.19, 2004, photo. (Kevin Bain/AP)

Julie Lythcott-Haims noticed a disturbing trend while she was a dean at Stanford University. Her research has led to a book.

The Debate Over Raw Milk In Massachusetts

August 17, 2015
Jade Ouimette, 21, milks cows at the Straw Farm in Newcastle, Maine. (Robert F. Bukaty/AP)

State and national public health officials have long held that dangerous microorganisms can readily grow in raw milk, but raw milk advocates say the risks are minimal.

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