Market Basket Uprising A Unique Labor Dispute, Expert Says

July 23, 2014

A Suffolk University Law School professor who specializes in labor law says the ongoing employee protests at Market Basket calling for the reinstatement of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas are unlike anything he has ever seen.

Patrick Sides With Chiefs On Gun Bill Provision

July 23, 2014

Gov. Deval Patrick says he agrees with police chiefs and gun safety activists who support giving the chiefs discretion over issuing firearms identification cards needed to buy rifles or shotguns.

Altering Genes In Wild Populations: Boon For Human Health? Or Darwinian Nightmare?

July 23, 2014
Researchers have proposed a way to alter the genes in wild populations. The applications include potential malaria eradication. (Centers for Disease Control)

Researchers want to alter the DNA of entire wild populations — but they’re opening the discussion to the public before they move forward.

Patrick: Plan To Shelter Undocumented Children Misunderstood

July 23, 2014

Patrick’s comments came after many town officials and residents in Bourne objected to children being housed at the Camp Edwards military base on Cape Cod.

How One UMass Economist Would Set A Boston Area Minimum Wage

July 23, 2014
Pedro Rodriguez, right, talks with Andrus Reyes at a Burger King in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood in December, as part of nationwide protests in support of higher wages for workers in the fast-food industry and other minimum-wage jobs. (Stephan Savoia/AP)

Using Arin Dube’s calculations, the Boston metro could have a have a wage floor of $12.85 an hour.

Hospital To Pay $150,000 For Lost Data, Records In Mass.

July 23, 2014

A Rhode Island hospital has agreed to pay $150,000 in Massachusetts after losing backup tapes that contained the personal information of more than 12,000 Massachusetts residents.

Youthful Discovery Ensemble Disbands, Citing A Saturated Performing Arts Scene

July 23, 2014

The Discovery Ensemble board of directors, which brought classical music to Boston-area school children, votes to cease operations.

Senators Propose Compromise On Rifle Permit Discretion For Police Chiefs

July 23, 2014

In an attempt to help broker a compromise on anti-gun violence legislation, six senators who voted to strip a controversial provision from the Senate’s bill regarding discretion for police chiefs to grant rifle and shotgun licenses have proposed an alternative that would restore “limited flexibility” for law enforcement in the bill.

Liverpool Football Club Teaches Fundamentals, Fun Of Game To Perkins Students

July 23, 2014
(Marc Finn/WBUR)

The service arm of the Liverpool Football Club — along with a couple of team legends — was at the Perkins School For the Blind to teach soccer to some of the students using special equipment for the visually impaired.

New Market Basket CEOs Urge Employees To Return To Work

July 23, 2014

Workers demanding the return of ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas announced they will hold a “final” rally on Friday in Tewksbury, the same day the company’s board of directors plans to meet.

Mass. 6th Congressional District Hopefuls Rake In Cash

July 23, 2014

Republicans see the 6th Congressional District as their best hope of picking up a seat in Massachusetts.

Bourne Residents Critical Of Proposal To House Immigrant Children

July 23, 2014

At a public meeting in Bourne Tuesday night, there was widespread criticism of Gov. Patrick’s proposal.

Mass. House Approves Abortion Clinic Safety Bill

July 23, 2014
Protesters hand out literature outside a Boston Planned Parenthood a day after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the 35-foot buffer zone around Massachusetts abortion clinics violates free speech. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

The bill would let police disperse groups substantially impeding access to abortion clinics.

Forecast: Hot And Humid With Lots Of Sunshine

July 23, 2014

Another warm and humid day is moving in today, with a southwest flow of tropical air and abundant sunshine set to heat things up for at least most of the day.

Teacher Slaying Suspect In Court On Assault Charge

July 23, 2014

A Massachusetts teenager charged with killing his teacher is scheduled to appear in court on unrelated charges that he assaulted a worker at a youth detention facility.

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